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Mythic Monday: Rune of the Day – Inguz

inguz1Divination is a way to focus on what matters. It allows us to gain insight into the ripe possibilities of the moment and is best used as a type of meditative effort. With their symbolism and kinship with long ago Scandinavian and Germanic cultures, runes are a fascinating method.

From the bag of runes, we close our eyes and draw a single stone as we ask a question: What do I need to know about [such and such situation]? If drawing on behalf of another, visualize that person. We must listen with open mind and heart.

Today we examine Inguz, a rune resembling an X standing atop another X. Part of the traditional Germanic Futhark or runic alphabet, it is one of the eight runes under the auspices of the warrior god Tyr.

Inguz concerns fertility and new beginnings. Its energy is that of the hero god Ing, whose name forms the basis of my hero Ingvar’s name in Wytchfae Runes. Ing and Ingvar remind me of the noble knight Sir Gawain, who strived to always do the right thing in the perilous situations he encountered. The splendid changeable moon is related to this rune, as it involves movement and emotional health. Inguz represents intuition, a desire for harmony, and the adaptability required for successful relationships. Humans have a deep need to share and be desired by another. Inguz signals an emergence from a tense, closed state into a more fertile, creative state. It is a powerful rune signifying a new path and a transition into joy. What may have been stagnant now has the energy to blossom. It is important to actively strive to shake off old habits and outdated thoughts patterns that no longer serve our best interests. Change is at hand.

I hope you enjoyed our look at Inguz, the Rune of the Day. How do you welcome opening up and positive change?

Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

Mythic Monday: Skadi, Winter Goddess

Fotor1227190457Skadi is the Norse goddess of winter and the hunt. Daughter of frost giants, some scholars maintain that Scandinavia is named after her. Skadi married the summer god Njord after choosing him from a lineup of gods. The kicker was that she had to select her future husband by looking only at the feet of the men! Incompatibility soon ensured, since Njord insisted on dwelling by the sea, whereas Skadi longed for the icy, snow covered mountains of her homeland. The couple eventually split and amicably agreed to live apart. Skadi is known for placing the venomous serpent onto the bound trickster god Loki.

In my paranormal dark fantasy romance Wytchfae – Runes, the witch Skada serves as homage to the goddess Skadi. She is the one who curses the Viking Ingvar with these words: “By my decree, husband-slayer, shall you walk upon this earth a shade, neither here nor there, for thirteen by thirteen hundred moons. Though some may see you, none shall hear your plea. As a sorceress bestowed this gift, only a sorceress can remove it.”

Two popular revitalizations of Skadi are the White Witch in the stories of Narnia and the iconic Snow Queen.

Further reading:

Hump Day Hook

“Soone as the Faerie heard his Ladie speake,
Out of his swowning dreame he gan awake.” The Faerie Queene, Edmund
Spenser. http://www.luminarium.org/renascence-editions/queene1.html

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This snippet is from Wytchfae – Runes and shows the heroine Kelly, with her ghostly allies, as she seeks help to retrieve Ingvar from the Grims:

The three ghosts stood as if rooted to the ground where Kelly had strategically placed them, Svob in the southwest, Varn in the northwest, and Hyge in the east. Their wide-eyed expressions told her she’d be lucky if they stayed with the plan. She walked the circle three times, gathering and settling the energy in clockwise rotation. Earth energy rose up to meet and blend with that of faery. The power felt ancient and primal as it entered the soles of her feet and the top of her head, to come together in the heart region and merge smoothly in her throat.


Hump Day Hook

HumpDayHooklogoWelcome to the 5th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of HDH hook authors here. Everyone would love a comment. Join the HDH page on Facebook.

This is one of the beings Ingvar encounters after the Grims transport him to a dark dimension in Wytchfae Runes:

His primary attention was instantly riveted on the gold arrayed creature in the midst of her retinue. Queen of the Grims? Dressed in a trailing gown threaded throughout with gold, she gleamed like the sun, even in the dimly lit room. Ingvar’s belly clenched as he realized that in this place of promiscuous skin, the Queen displayed not an inch. Gloves of the same fabric as her gown decorated her hands, and a shimmering veil cascaded to obscure her hair. The golden mask that safeguarded her face, however, sent icy shards rippling down his spine. The mask conformed to the contours of her face, displaying full golden woman shaped lips, with a small oval hole in the center. Holes for sight and for breathing were also in evidence. Made of smooth gold metal, the mask transformed her into the eeriest of creatures. How hideous must she be to appear before him so completely shielded? He detected only her cold and merciless scrutiny.


Hump Day Hook

HumpDayHooklogoWelcome to the 4th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of HDH hook authors here. Everyone would love a comment. Join the HDH page on Facebook.

Last week’s post showcased a secondary character, the ghost Hyge. Today let’s see how he reacts when Kelly enlists his help in entering a dark dimension to rescue her Viking lover Ingvar.  Hyge looks like the Freddie Kruger actor, Robert Englund–not made up, but in his regular appearance. See him here.

“Hyge, we may need to fight our way in or out, or both. Are you ready
to do so if we have to, or would you rather stay here and have Svob go with me?”
“Missy, I say bring on any scrap you can conjure up.”
“You got it. That works for me. Protect Epona, you understand, Hyge?”
He scuffed a toe on the ground as if reluctant to take on responsibility for a goddess.
Kelly continued. “Also, you see these two green lines between us and your pals?”
“I see them. Quaint little worrisome things.” 

Hump Day Hook

Ingvar'sHeadpeach2My Hump Day Hook snippet is from WYTCHFAE RUNES:

She gulped the tea, hoping the herbal concoction would provide a calming effect. Too late she noted the word zinger on the label. Damn. How had she chosen a stimulating tea instead of one composed of valerian or at least lavender? Thoughts of Ingvar in the shower already had her senses zinging. She found it hard to believe that a warrior from another time had the power to arouse her this way. Much less a ghost. Of course, the ghost moniker no longer fit. Kelly had seen Ingvar transform from insubstantial apparition to hot red blooded male.

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Hump Day Hook

Wytchfae_thumbnailFor Hump Day Hook I am sharing a snippet from my new release, Wytchfae Runes. The Viking Ingvar is battle weary after a confrontation with the evil sorceress Skada and some of the netherworld’s less pleasant inhabitants. He perks up when faery witch Kelly enters the room.

In one of the bedchambers of the Guardian of the Between, Ingvar hunched over and put his face in his hands. His head pounded as if stomped on by a plundering army. At least sleep had shaken off the shameful weakness he had felt before. Imagine being right in front of Skada—again—and failing to destroy her. Odin’s balls.

Kelly entered bearing a man-sized cup with steam wafting from its center. She offered it to him with upturned lips.

Her dimples made him feel like smiling too.

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