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Spotlight on Dracula’s Author


You can snag her latest books for only .99!

Hello, everyone, Carmen Stefanescu here! I’d like to take a moment to thank  Flossie for her support in helping me to promote my newest release –  a paranormal/ light historical/ light romance /light horror – Dracula’s Prodigy, sequel to Dracula’s Mistress.

  1. Welcome to Conjuring the Magic, Carmen! Would you tell us more about your genre and what inspired you to write in it?

Though I read almost all genres in fiction, the one I prefer to write is paranormal.  I’ve always been interested in all the things that go bump in the night – ghosts especially.

A topic that fascinates me is reincarnation, karmic retribution. Perhaps I will myself to believe that there’s something more after  we leave the Earth world.  The hope  and belief that life here is just a step in the ladder of spirituality is the one that makes me write stories like Shadows of the Past and Till Life Do Us Part.

  1. Those same mysterious topics fascinate me as well. Tell us a little about your writing process or habits. What drink do you tend to have by you?

I must admit that I am not so disciplined as many of you are, or as disciplined as I should be. Life gets in the way, or so is the excuse. I write when the  “muse” urges me. There are moments when a sentence, a line in a song, a paragraph in a newspaper triggers the inspiration; when I feel deep in my bones that this is a story worth telling. Coffee is my permanent companion whenever I write. And not only then. Black, no sugar or sweetener, hot.

  1. I’m delighted to find another black coffee fanatic! Carmen, what do you love most about your latest books?

I am glad I managed to tell Vlad’s story, to show what were the social, political, historical circumstances of those times and why he came to be known for eternity as the most evil creature in history – Dracula. As a native of his country my perspective is different. The story is woven with characteristic traditions and customs in Romania, former Walachia.

  1. I’m certainly thrilled you tackled the historical facts and climate around Vlad, known as Dracula. You were born to write that story! I loved Dracula’s Mistress and can’t wait to get into Dracula’s Prodigy. What was hardest for you in writing these?

Dracula’s story was assigned an editor when it was accepted by the publisher – Wild Child Publishing at that time, (they closed doors before the release of the book). She advised me to reduce the number of POVs in the story, though I read a couple of books with multiple POVs. Reluctantly, I took her advice and rewrote 5 POVs! I was sorry to see those characters go, but, in the end, I think she was right.

  1. That was certainly a lot of work, and the end result was worth it. What is the one thing you do every day that most ensures your writing success?

I don’t think I have a one such “wonder”performing activity, sorry  to disappoint you. There are moments when I feel guilty I haven’t written a line that day. Then, I think that writing must be something that gives me pleasure and thus allows me the luxury of not blaming myself.

  1. We’ll move on to tickling our taste buds then. Chips, cake, pie, or cookies?

Chips and cheese pie – Romanian recipe!

  1. Carmen, you have shared pictures of your Romanian cheese pie, and look how delicious. It makes my mouth water. I hope to try it one day. Since you are one who loves history as much as I do, what historical period or person would you most like to visit and why?

I  would like to meet Shakespeare face to face, though I wonder if he’d understand my present-day English.

Or, visit ancient Britain when the Celts lived and meet the Druids and learn from their wisdom.

  1. Great choices! What stories do you have planned for the future?

I am writing  a story intended, like Dracula’s Mistress and Dracula’s Prodigy, as a two parts book. It is the story of a haunted house in Braila, my native town. I finished the first volume already. The parnaormal element – ghosts – and mystery are present, of course.The timeline is not the Middle Ages, but the action takes places during the World War I.

I also am polishing several stories, with a twist, that I wrote along the same time.

World War I–how interesting, Carmen. We’re both tackling new time periods (for us). One I’m working on is set during the Korean War. I loved chatting with you, and thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in. Now let’s take a look at that newest book, Dracula’s Prodigy.

Dracula’s Prodigy    Only .99!
Publisher – City Lights Press
Release date – 27th April 2017

Running from the hands of an abusing husband, on the verge of committing suicide, a series of strange events/apparitions make Linda reassess her life. She embarks on a thorough research regarding her unusual ancestor- Vlad, the Impaler, aka Dracula.
Can Linda discover the truth regarding Vlad among the countless malicious stories, exaggerated legends and whispered slander dating back to 15th century? Is he a hero, a brave protector of his hard tried people and country? Or a cruel monster feeding on the blood of those impaled at his order?
And is good-looking Jody really helping Linda regain her trust in men and love, or is he another evil envoy of a past that haunts her and threatens her life?
Dracula’s Prodigy is the sequel to Dracula’s Mistress, and will awe legions of fans of Gothic literature, paranormal and historical fiction.

Thanks, Carmen! I have it on my Kindle ready to read. Readers, snag your copy of Dracula’s Prodigy, and if you haven’t read Dracula’s Mistress, believe me–you’re missing out! Each book is currently a steal for only 99 cents!

Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

Mythic Monday: St. Andrew’s Night Re-Blog

When I read this post from Romanian author Carmen Stefanescu on her website, I found it incredibly fascinating. I’ve heard Carmen speak of St. Andrew’s Night before, and in this segment of her Mysterious Romania series she includes a lot of the details of the holiday. The folk customs reach way back into the dim recesses of time. I wanted to share it with you for Mythic Monday, as I know you’ll find it interesting as well.

Mysterious Romania Saint Andrew’s Night Romanian Halloween by Carmen Stefanescu

St Andrew’s Night is for sure the most mysterious and magic filled Christian holiday. He is the patron Saint of Romania. According to ethnologists, St. Andrew’s Night has ancient origins. It was the period when Dacians celebrated the New Year, known as The  Dionysian  Pastorals.

The end of November was the holiday of Romans Saturnalia. too. Many say that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest on this night. This allows the spirits of that dark unknown place to more freely walk among us.

It’s also known as the sleepless night, the night when nobody goes out,  the wolves’ night, of the zombies, of skies opening, the night of the spells or the night of the living dead. Zombies and vampires kidnap people so nobody takes the risk to go out.

It’s the moment when at midnight the animals’ tongues are unlocked and all talk one with the other, but you need courage to listen to them. If you brace up and keep quiet you can find out where treasures are hidden, the names of still free criminals and many other  secret things. But you can’t tell such secrets to other people, otherwise you turn into a living dead. Old people say that  daylight appears nine blinks sooner so that all evil should crawl back to their places in the other world. During these 9 blinks the skies open and the angels come down on earth to put the ghosts, vampires and ghouls on the run.

We have no Halloween where I live, I mean Romania, even if it’s Dracula’s country. However, St. Andrew’s Night, due to its beliefs and traditions, may be called a Romanian Halloween.

30th November is St Andrew’s Day in Romania, a day full of symbolism as St Andrew, one of the 12 Apostles is considered the one who made the Romanians Christians. But more powerful  in traditions and superstitions is the preceding night.

St. Andrew’s Night is a magic night when people have to do certain things to keep the evil away from them. St. Andrew’s Night is in some way the equivalent of Halloween.  It has a lot of traditions and superstitions. Ghosts come out in the human world, wolves speak the human language  and predict horrible things. People who are attacked this night by evil  spirits will turn into  werewolves. To protect themselves against evil, people can use  garlic and spells.

Here are several customs on this special night:

 To get rid of evil spirits, and prevent them entering the house,  villagers grease the doors and threshold with crushed garlic. They also use garlic to protect the stables, too.

Mothers draw small crosses on the palms of their small children to protect them.

The young maidens who want to get married put several leaves of basil under their pillows.  Or, another custom if they want to see their fated husband – the girls should stay naked between two mirrors, at midnight, holding two burning candles in their hands. They will see in the mirror behind them scenes of their future life, including the face of their future groom.

Housewives turn all the glasses and cups with the mouth down to prevent evil settling inside them.

The weather this night predicts how the coming winter will be. If the sky is clear, the winter will be mild with less snow  and warmer days.

 On St. Andrew’s Night, when the sky opens and the witches recharge their powers, is the best moment to find the answers of past mysterious and unsolved enigmas.  It means  implies taking part in an odd ritual in a graveyard. Then, in a basin with  water, over which  an incantation was uttered, they will see everything that happened.

I know you enjoyed reading about the folk customs surrounding St. Andrew’s Night in Romania. Please hop over to Carmen Stefanescu’s website and peruse some of the other fascinating topics there. Also, don’t miss her wonderful book, full of romance and mysterious happenings, Shadows of the Past.

Cheers & Happy Reading! Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Sneak Preview!

Paranormal Romance Tour 7 (1)WHO: 12 Amazing Paranormal Romance Authors

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Authors in the tour are:

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Julie A. D’Arcy http://juliedarcystoryweaver.blogspot.com.au/

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And me, who will be rolling out the process by posting my book information here tomorrow – Flossie Benton Rogers – http://flossiebentonrogers.com/blog/

See you right here tomorrow!

Many thanks to the amazing Carmen Stefanescu for organizing the event.

Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Romance










ZeusScarycroppedgrim is a haunting spirit. In adjective form the word means dreary or gloomy, but its Old English definition of fierce, cruel, or savage denoted a harsher tone. In my Wytchfae series, the Grims are ghosts that did not move on to an afterlife. Instead, they hung around earth too long, becoming unmoored from their memories and higher spiritual selves. As a result the memories of others is their delectable and ghoulish food. Author Mae Clair has a Mythical Monday category, as I do, and wrote a fascinating post about church grims, the big black spectral dogs that guard graveyards. Take a peek here.

Hump Day Hook

“Soone as the Faerie heard his Ladie speake,
Out of his swowning dreame he gan awake.” The Faerie Queene, Edmund
Spenser. http://www.luminarium.org/renascence-editions/queene1.html

Welcome to the 17th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of HDH authors here. Everyone would appreciate a comment and for their post to be liked and tweeted, using the hashtag #HDH. Join the FB page  here.

This snippet is from Wytchfae – Runes and shows the heroine Kelly, with her ghostly allies, as she seeks help to retrieve Ingvar from the Grims:

The three ghosts stood as if rooted to the ground where Kelly had strategically placed them, Svob in the southwest, Varn in the northwest, and Hyge in the east. Their wide-eyed expressions told her she’d be lucky if they stayed with the plan. She walked the circle three times, gathering and settling the energy in clockwise rotation. Earth energy rose up to meet and blend with that of faery. The power felt ancient and primal as it entered the soles of her feet and the top of her head, to come together in the heart region and merge smoothly in her throat.


Hump Day Hook


Ghost?! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the 10th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of splendid HDH hook authors here. Everyone would love a comment and for their post to be liked and tweeted. Join the HDH Facebook page.

The following is from Wytchfae – Runes, the first book in the Wytchfae series. Faery witch Kelly is working hard to transition the spirit Cora to her afterlife, when intruders appear:

Kelly jumped as raging howls pierced the air. The coyote lunged at the Viking, who gripped hanks of fur. Her heart thumping, Kelly prayed the Viking kept the beast from tearing out his throat. With grunts and snarls, the two fell to the ground fighting. Harsh popping sounds drew Kelly’s attention from the battle. Electrical flares skittered across the circle, knocking Kelly and Cora to the HumpDayHooklogoground.


Hump Day Hook

Ghost Contact

Ghost Contact (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the 9th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of splendid HDH hook authors here. Everyone would love a comment and for their post to be liked and tweeted. Join the HDH Facebook page.

Today’s offering is from Wytchfae – Runes, the first book in the Wytchfae series. An intruder appears while Kelly is transitioning the ghost Cora to her afterlife:

A spirit demon. A scout for the Grims. Kelly’s blood froze. Her eyes locked with his lime-yellow ones, and the coyote growled. He bounded back and forth, saliva dripping from his immense jaws. Kelly knew he’d give his eyeteeth to get inside. He couldn’t, as long as she maintained control.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to visit again this weekend for the Secret Cravings Dessert Blog Hop. Find some new sweet treats to delight your tastebuds!