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Tuesday Tales: Writing Seeds

Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring diverse authors who post excerpts from their works in progress based on word and picture prompts. We’re a dedicated group that enjoys reading as much as you do. Today our word prompt is seeds. My snippet is from a dark fantasy romance in which the heroine’s sister has been kidnapped. When you’re done here, please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

“Mother of all, ancient heart, ancient mind, keep us safe in the light as we journey through the night.”

From the east, she walked into the middle of the circle and faced north.

Legs braced, she drew in several deep breaths and centered herself. Briskly rubbing together mitten-clad palms to heighten the flow of energy within her body, she chanted opening words of praise and supplication to Mother Earth in whose frozen bower she played. Deep underground, she sensed winter’s sleep beginning to subside and give way to seeds of spring. Soon the white landscape would ripple with green shoots and riots of color. She swayed from side to side, feeling the measured, immense heartbeat of the earth beneath her. Like a bass drum it sounded in her senses. Her heartbeat slowed to match.

She warmed and relaxed as she slipped into an altered state, alpha brain waves opening to the legacy of her witch heritage, as well as her faery lifeblood. That blood flowed and surged, a powerful river within her. It called to the ancient world of faery, a state before and in between matter where possibilities swirled in indefinable simplicity and grace.

Courtesy Free Pixabay

Her face lifted to the sky and her head filled with the silent music of the lights cascading from the north.

When faery heat suffused her from head to toe, she removed the mittens and stuffed them in her pocket.

She opened to her special goddess, calling upon the familiar essence she knew so well. Swaying from side to side, she allowed the words to come forth freely and unbeckoned.

“Goddess Rhiannon, bless this casting and encircle me with your power tonight as I seek to enter and safely retreat from the dim underworld of the soul eaters. In the throes of dark sorcery, those unclean aggressors captured our sister. Their action is unsanctioned and out of kilter. It is not the way of things. Be with my companions and me as we deliver her back to the world of the living. Give us safe journey there and here.”

Her heart pounded as a figure cantered from the forest on a grey and silver dappled horse. Like a revelation of spring, the goddess known for riding side-saddle gracefully guided the unbridled mare. On one slender arm was a basket that overflowed with fruits, flowers, and other rich bounty from the earth. The Wytchfae lowered her head in thankfulness to the goddess, inhaling the intoxicating scent of roses, grapes, and cinnamon.

I hope you enjoyed my snippet based on the word seeds. Thanks for stopping by. Return to Tuesday Tales.

Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance


Mythic Monday: Demoness Dreams Release Day!

Drum roll: I’m pleased to announce that today is Release Day for Demoness Dreams – Wytchfae 6! When Secret Cravings published Wytchfae Runes in December 2012, who could have foreseen the sixth book in the paranormal dark fantasy romance series coming out two and a half years later? In one way I am thrilled and awed. In another way I think I should be producing the work faster. Novels contain a black moment when all seems lost with no way out for the hero and heroine. For a writer, or for me at least, a real black moment comes during the first draft of each novel when it seems like the words are trash and any storytelling ability I may have once possessed has flown out the window. It’s a horrible feeling. So, from that perspective, number six is a triumph of sorts. On the other hand, it’s simply not enough. I should be writing and publishing faster.

For the moment, with the BRAVO of the day, let’s forget all the shoulds swirling around in my head and celebrate. Woo hoo Demoness Dreams! We have a book tour coming up in mid May, so stay tuned for more word on that. In the next few weeks, I’ll also be popping up on a few blogs here and there. Huge thanks to readers who help keep a writer going. I am passionate about the characters in the Wytchfae world and appreciate your taking them to heart.

I love integrating bits and pieces of myth into my stories. On the next Mythic Monday we’ll showcase a character named Skada who appears in both Wytchfae Runes and Demoness Dreams. We’ll take a peek at the mythological being who inspired her.

If you’re an author, do you experience a black moment at any time during the writing process?

DEMONESS DREAMS – Desperate to escape her hellish nightmares, Neva Jaxony falls into the arms of rugged Bane Heughar. Is the mesmerizing man more dangerous than darkness itself?

Blurb: Heaven or hell? Dream or nightmare? Where passion is concerned, the veils are thin.

As her Wytchfae powers intensify and nightmares invade her waking reality, Neva Jaxony seeks answers in the shadowy past. Then a mysterious stranger enters the picture, and she falls hard. Is he the man of her dreams or part of the darkness that threatens to consume her?

Acclaimed warrior Bane Heughar has orders to prove Neva is not dangerous– or kill her before she can turn demon. He never expected to find her so bewitching, or so damn desirable. He has until the Solstice Moon to carry out his mission. All he really wants to do is take Neva in his arms, kiss her senseless, and for the two of them to disappear off the radar. But when the Underworld is involved, no one can hide.

First Line Teaser: Hell was the last place Bane Heughar wanted to visit.

Memorable Line: He was hard pressed to remember his mission, when all he wanted to do was stash her in his bed and make love to her all night long.



Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Tuesday Tales: Kestrel 7-8-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

Badge for TT - smallTUESDAY TALES – Each week a group of authors bands together to share snippets of our works in progress. Visit the other fabulous authors here.

My snippet comes from Kestrel, a WIP I’m revisiting from 2011 NaNoWriMo. This week’s word prompt is SUMMER.

Kestrel steeled herself as the guard ushered in the next prisoner, a narrow faced man of about thirty. Gray streaks peppered his dark hair, and the sallow cast of his skin told her he didn’t get three squares a day. Well, who did since the Change? She studied his clothing. Hell, how’d this sow’s ear make a silk purse? In contrast to his gaunt appearance, his suit was well pressed and of high quality. Only a reddish brown dab on his collar marred the effect. Blood?

Kestrel blinked as a rosy cheeked, dimpled little girl skipped in, holding the hand of a female nurse. The child’s golden curls bounced, and her eyes were the calm pristine blue of a summer sky. She looked like an angel or a cherub.

With a hand clamped on the man’s shoulder, the guard planted him in front of Kestrel. “Seeress, witnesses place this man and his daughter at the site of yesterday’s slaughter.” He waved his hand, and the nurse brought the child to stand beside her father.

Kestrel pressed her fingernails into her palms and set her gaze straight upon the man. “Prisoner, did you murder those people?”

In slow motion, he shook his head.

Kestrel stilled her mind, unfocused her eyes, and prepared to seek the truth of him. She sent out a questing ribbon of golden light. It darted outward, slowed, and then twirled around his neck like a lasso. A transparent visage formed to overlay his face. The features morphed, became sharp and fierce. The teeth elongated, and blood seeped from the corner of his lips. The metallic scent of it almost gagged her.

Just as the word vampire tickled the tip of Kestrel’s tongue, a hard body slammed into hers, overturning the chair and knocking her to the floor. The harsh movement whacked the breath from her. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to clear her altered vision and discern what was happening. A snarling breath vibrated against her cheek.

She opened her eyes, expecting to see the gaunt man on top of her.

Instead, her heart froze at the savage face of the little girl.

Visit the other fabulous authors here.
Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Mythic Monday: Time Singer Cover Reveal

For Mythic Monday, I’m thrilled to unveil the stunning cover for Time Singer – Wytchfae 4, with artwork by the super talented Dawne’ Dominique. On the cover is the heroine, Seraphina, and spectacular cliffs along the shore of Ireland. The book is scheduled for release on April 25 and will be available for pre-order in a couple of days. Thank you, Secret Cravings Publishing!

With most of its action occurring in ancient Ireland, Time Singer is the story of a modern Wytchfae, Seraphina Rosebeth Clery, and her fierce warrior, Aedar. It is set against the backdrop of warring tribes and an out of control spell. It is the fourth offering in the Wytchfae series.



Cheers and happy reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Blushing Excerpt

SamaelheadfotorI’m a romance writer, and I reckon my own words shouldn’t make me blush. However, there is a certain scene in Guardian of the Deep that affects me that way. I shared it on the Time for Love site today, where the book is featured. A thousand thanks to all of you who voted for the story of Samael and Layla to win Christina Cole’s Time for Love contest. Stop by her site and leave me a comment for a chance to WIN your own copy. I wonder if you will blush too.


Time For Love Readers’ Choice Award

Award slide4A

Huge thanks to those who voted for Guardian of the Deep for the January Readers’ Choice Award on Christina Cole’s site, Time For Love. I appreciate it more than I can say. You are special people. The process started as a number of authors submitted a book cover and book description in 25 words of less to run throughout the month of December. Here is the link to the post. Please note all the outstanding books listed. Authors are my rock stars! http://kcchristinatime4love.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/25-words-or-less-december-2013/

Here is the “25 Words or Less” and cover for my submission, Guardian of the Deep. “A red hot Succubus in trouble. A captivated undersea Guardian. He spirits her away for a remote lovers’ retreat. Fire + water = STEAMY.” Thank you again! I am honored by your caring.

Looking ahead to the February Time For Love’s “25 Words or Less” contest, we have already sent our submissions to Christina, and they will run throughout January. Here is the link to my new submission for Mind Your Goddess. http://kcchristinatime4love.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/25-words-of-less-january-2014/ Please take time to read all the blurbs for this wonderful variety of books. Consider adding the books to your To Be Read list!

Here is the “25 words or Less” and book cover that I submitted. “A Goddess awakens in the Roaring 20’s. Can this flapper summon the razzle dazzle to reclaim her powers and the heart of her dark Guardian?” What do you think? Do we have a chance of winning again? 🙂

Mythic Monday: Skadi, Winter Goddess

Fotor1227190457Skadi is the Norse goddess of winter and the hunt. Daughter of frost giants, some scholars maintain that Scandinavia is named after her. Skadi married the summer god Njord after choosing him from a lineup of gods. The kicker was that she had to select her future husband by looking only at the feet of the men! Incompatibility soon ensured, since Njord insisted on dwelling by the sea, whereas Skadi longed for the icy, snow covered mountains of her homeland. The couple eventually split and amicably agreed to live apart. Skadi is known for placing the venomous serpent onto the bound trickster god Loki.

In my paranormal dark fantasy romance Wytchfae – Runes, the witch Skada serves as homage to the goddess Skadi. She is the one who curses the Viking Ingvar with these words: “By my decree, husband-slayer, shall you walk upon this earth a shade, neither here nor there, for thirteen by thirteen hundred moons. Though some may see you, none shall hear your plea. As a sorceress bestowed this gift, only a sorceress can remove it.”

Two popular revitalizations of Skadi are the White Witch in the stories of Narnia and the iconic Snow Queen.

Further reading:

Barbara Vey’s Giveaway

It pleases me to participate in Barbara Vey’s book giveaway on her Publisher’s Weekly blog, Beyond Her Book. Numerous books are up for grabs, including Wytchfae Runes. The story of the Wytchfae, Kelly, and her Viking, Ingvar, is a perfect match for the upcoming holidays. Enter now!