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Dark Fantasy Romances by Flossie Benton Rogers – Adventurous stories of passionate, eternal love set in mysterious parallel realms of Myth, Magic, & Mayhem. Enter the world of Wytchfae…


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Fae Friday: Old Halloween Spirit

The green ghostie laser figures float eerily on the front of my house. Skeletons, witches, and pumpkins stand guard. The air fills with aromas of autumn incense and salted caramel candles. The nights grow longer. The temperature cools, allowing the patio doors to remain open. My feline fur fae Marigold displays her frisky aspect and spooks at shadows. It’s nearing time for the old school friend annual pig roast. Baseball teams are narrowing down toward the World Series. We must be closing in on Halloween!

What do you most enjoy about Halloween? What are you doing to get into the mood?

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Mythic Monday: Scorpio Goddess Hecate

AN00969955 001 l

Richard Cosway [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

“He then the name invokes
Of Hecate; abundant honour straight
Shall follow on his path, if to that prayer
Gracious the goddess leans and opulence
Attends his footsteps; for the power is hers.”
     Hesiod, translated by Sir Charles Abraham Elton, from Theogony

“It keeps eternal whisperings around
Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell
Gluts twice ten thousand Caverns, till the spell
Of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound.”
     John Keats, from On the Sea

As the Wheel of the Year swirls into late autumn, the energy of Scorpio mirrors the cooling of earth and the slow descent into dormancy. The mood becomes more distant, less fiery and emotional, yet not detached in the way of an air sign. Rather, the sense is of the closeted dampness of inner earth, where mysteries abound and life and death intertwine. Scorpio is self-aware and also cognizant of various realities. During this time of year we survey with wonder the changing colors around us, the dying of what was new last spring, and we are beckoned toward attentiveness to life’s mysteries. It is time for us to feel the energy of that which cannot be seen with the eyes. There is immense power now. Magic abounds. Honor the mystery and learn from it, while protecting your own sense of self. Things are not always what they seem, and differentiation of your spirit among many is a worthy task. I honor the great goddess Hecate as the 2015 patron goddess of Scorpio.

Although Hecate is considered a Greek goddess, Barbara G. Walker in The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myth and Secrets traces her beginnings back to ancient Egypt, where she was known as Hekat, the powerful goddess of midwifery and magic. Other spellings are Heket and Heqit. Hekat’s powers flowed from the very source of death and creation. As cosmic midwife, she brought spirit into the body and the world of the living. As priestess, she accepted spirit back into the underworld realm at death. Hekat evolved from an even earlier power, the heq or tribal matriarch of pre-dynastic Egypt. The tribal matriarch commanded the sacred mother’s words of power called the hekau. These magical incantations were vital to gain entrance into various areas of the underworld.

Hecate, or The Night of Enitharmon's Joy, Butlin 316

William Blake [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To the ancient Greeks, Hecate was a Titan, one of the divinities preceding the Olympic gods. Only she and Zeus had the unique power of being able to grant or withhold at will anything from humankind. Some say her worship came to Greece from Thrace. As cosmic midwife Hecate retained her association with the mysteries of life and death. She existed as a trinity, ruling heaven, earth, and the underworld. In heaven she was the moon Hecate Selene, on earth she was Artemis the Huntress, and in the underworld she became Persephone the death goddess. From the trinity of maiden, mother, and crone, Hecate was most aligned with the dark crone aspect. Hebe or sometimes Persephone denoted the maiden. Hera or sometimes Demeter represented the mature woman. As a triple goddess, Hecate was closely associated with moon goddesses Selene, Artemis, and Diana. Offerings were left for her at crossroads where three roads met. She was the queen of witches and magic, and as Diana this association extended through Roman times and the many centuries following. She was invoked at crossroads at the midnight hour, and magical rites were performed in her name. She was sought after for her powers of healing, guidance, prophecy, and compassion for humanity.

May we all be blessed by the healing and reverence of hidden mysteries as bestowed by one of the most ancient goddesses, Hecate. When you look up at the waxing moon tonight and the full moon five days from now, perhaps you’ll think of the moon goddesses of old.

GuardianoftheDeep_SM (1)Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Romance

Mythic Monday: Spirits Beware

ZeusScarycroppedHalloween approaches, and the veils are thinner. Slipping from the spectral dimension into the human world is easier than at any other time of year. How did people of olden times protect their homes against evil spirits? Folk magic methods were always unexpected and usually secretive. After all, the good folk did not want the wicked to know their spells and safety measures, lest they find ways to circumvent them.

Shoes – Britain is famous for its beautiful and quaint ancient houses. During renovations and excavations, thousands of concealed shoes have been discovered in secret holes near doorways, on ledges inside chimneys, and in specially built cavities behind the hearth. It’s always one well-worn shoe, not a pair. Although not much is recorded on the subject, the theory is that the shoe served as a spirit trap for witches and malicious spirits. A spirit had to enter a home through some kind of opening, such as a door, window, or chimney. Since shoes were considered items of value and good luck, a witch would be drawn into the confined space by the hidden shoe. Unable to move backward, the witch would then be trapped. Another thing about shoes was that spitting on them would repel evil spirits and demons.

Witch Bottles – Stoneware and glass bottles were hidden in chimneys and secret cubbyholes to serve as witch traps. The bottles often contained a piece of heart shaped fabric poked with bent pins and covered with urine. The urine-soaked, heart shaped fabric carried the energetic signature of the person to be protected. The theory is that the witch or demon would plunge into the bottle to seize the person’s heart, be impaled on the pins, and trapped in the bottle.

Animals – Concealed dried cats and horse skulls have been found in some houses. Because these animals are close to humans, it is thought their spirits act as worthy sentries of a home and the people inside. Both animals are purported to possess the ability to sense unseen presences. Cats have the additional skills of warding off their fellow cats that serve as witch familiars.

Charms and Symbols – Many charms have turned up with astrological symbols, names spelled backward, and Latin holy phrases to keep evil spirits from entering houses. Symbols carved into beams and ceilings were also considered effective. The most common was a circle containing flower petals.

Brian Hoggard has performed extensive research into the old ways of building protection, and it is well worth taking a look.

If you lived hundreds of years ago, which method would you employ to protect the sanctity of your home?

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Romance

Sneak Preview!

Paranormal Romance Tour 7 (1)WHO: 12 Amazing Paranormal Romance Authors

WHAT: International Paranormal Romance Blog Tour

WHEN: Every Thursday, starting October 1st and lasting through December 17, 2015

WHERE: Right here in my little ole cyber crib

WHY: Your chance to discover some fab paranormal romance authors and books!


Authors in the tour are:

Cassandra Ulrich – http://cassandraulrich.blogspot.com/

Kimbra Kasch – http://www.kimbrakasch.com

 Lyndi Lamont http://lindalyndi.com/

Carmen Stefanescu – http://shadowspastmystery.blogspot.ro/

M S Kaye – http://booksbymsk.com/

Penny Estelle – www.pennyestelle.blogspot.com

Margo Bond Collins – http://www.MargoBondCollins.com

Daisy Banks – https://daisybanks.wordpress.com/

Adrienne Woods – https://woodsadrienne.wordpress.com/

Julie A. D’Arcy http://juliedarcystoryweaver.blogspot.com.au/

N. N. Light http://princessofthelight.wordpress.com

And me, who will be rolling out the process by posting my book information here tomorrow – Flossie Benton Rogers – http://flossiebentonrogers.com/blog/

See you right here tomorrow!

Many thanks to the amazing Carmen Stefanescu for organizing the event.

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Vikings, Ogres, and Witches by Flossie Benton Rogers

Recently I was nominated by the lovely author Carmen Stefanescu to participate in the Tour Through Blogland. In turn I nominated Jennifer Taylor and Ronnie Allen.WritingMannCROPPED They both did a great job of carrying on the torch. In my segment on Carmen’s blog, I answered 4 questions about my writing process. Today I share those here, along with some of my favorite writing quotes.

1) Are you more plot or character driven in your writing process and why?
WritingbloodCROPPEDPlot driven. The stories I am called to write are adventurous, quick moving, and flush with surprising twists and turns. The heroes and heroines are otherworldly–Viking ghosts, guardians, goddesses, ogres, witches, fairies, and demons. They possess humanlike attributes and personalities, while exploring the depths of their unique abilities and powers. My characters must deal with challenges on the human earth world and other realities. Their lives don’t always unfold like a blossom opening to the sun. Sometimes a solar flare erupts and fries the pristine bud. Sometimes the flower morphs into a breathtaking, witchy siren. My characters seek beauty in the midst of darkness and devotion in the midst of bedlam. Simmering below it all is the immutable flame of eternal love. 

2)Where do you find most of your inspiration?
WritingbelieveCROPPEDBy turn, in grandiose and inconspicuous places. Sources of inspiration are everywhere. I’m stirred by the mythologies of the world and the fairy tales I read as a child. Nature engenders sparks of stories, from the faces I see amid the trees to the jeweled brilliance of the night sky. People, places, events. Music, lyrics, dreams. All the world is alive and waiting to whisper the tales we come to think of as our own. 

3)Do you work on more than one project at a time?
Yes, what happens is that during the writing of a book, one or more secondary characters will begin asking for their stories to be told. I try not to work in a haphazard fashion, but neither is it a linear fashion. I enjoy the energy of having numerous characters come to life at any given time to star in their own books. I also enjoy planning other series and getting to know characters from different worlds. WritingBeCROPPED

4)Do you stick to a projected storyline or do you let a story flow and take its own life?
WritingfaithCROPPEDA blend of both. I like to plan and plot and then allow for the characters or the chaos muse to take the story in an unanticipated direction. As a writer, the initial planning provides a tether so that I’m not always floating in the stratosphere, while the openness to change gives life and liveliness to the project. I like a good surprise too. 

Thanks so much for visiting. What is your favorite writing quote or saying?

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Romance  


Tuesday Tales: Lord of Fire 9-9-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

TUESDAY TALES – Each week a group of authors bands together to share snippets of our works in progress. Visit the other fabulous authors. My excerpt comes from my paranormal romance, Lord of Fire – starring warrior hero Gabriel Hawk and Wytchfae heroine Garnet McAnna. In this scene Gabriel and a fae familiar named Angel discuss events surrounding Garnet’s disappearance. This week’s prompt is RIBBON.

   “Oh!” Her mouth rounded into a look of astonishment.
   “For god’s sake, what is it?”
   “Something I had forgotten about until you said that. I don’t know for certain if this is what you mean, but a few days back I overheard him mention something to the ogre about a place called Slice.”
   Rage scraped The Hawk’s insides. The cups rattled when he pounded a fist on the table. Heads turned his way, and he forced himself to relax. He didn’t need undue attention right now or the manager calling the police or looney trolley to pick him up.
   Angel’s eyes widened. “You know of it?”
   He nodded. “I’ve been to Slice. I hate to think of her stuck there. It’s a hellhole club wrapped up in a pretty ribbon.”
   “Where is it?”
   “Where and when. It’s not only an alternate dimension but the owners keep it a couple of years into the future.” He slid from the booth. Reaching into his pocket, he extracted a wad of cash and pressed it into her hand. “Get yourself into a safe hotel room and call that master of yours again. I don’t care if he’s still overseas. Persuade him to come get you, understand?”
   Her bottom lip trembled as she stared up at him. “It’s that bad?”
   At least he had scared her. Maybe she would show some sense now. “Yes. Call him, okay?”
   “I’ll phone Lucien right away, but I’ll still be a nervous wreck about our girl.”
   “You have the Wytchfae’s cell phone. Keep it until you hear from me. I’ll let you know how things go.”
   He turned back with a frown of impatience.
   She lifted a bundle from beneath her chair, extracted the cell phone from it, and then handed him the bag. Her voice lowered to a whisper. “Her gun and other things.”
   In the truck, he slipped his blue shirt out of the sack. Pressing it against his face, he conjured the image of Garnet wearing it that morning in his kitchen. The smell of his after shave hit his nostrils but also the sweet scent of Garnet. It reminded him of clover and fresh flowers. He turned the key to start up the truck. He’d bring her home.Badge for TT - small

Visit the other fabulous authors.

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Tuesday Tales: Lord of Fire 7-15-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

Tuesday TalesTUESDAY TALES – Each week a group of authors bands together to share snippets of our works in progress. Visit the other fabulous authors here.
My snippet comes from Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5, a WIP soon to be submitted. Note this week’s picture prompt above.

She moved with catlike stealth along the faint narrow tracks, using only the light of the full moon and night vision heightened by the drop of fae blood running through her veins. No high tech goggles. Not even a green capped penlight meant to resemble a swirl of firefly in the dead of night.

Not that she didn’t have just such a penlight safely stowed in an inner pocket. She did, plus a couple of blades and a dainty 357 revolver with decidedly undainty shells. Just the weapon to stop a low life scum in his tracks. She wouldn’t fool around with spells or other Wytchfae tools. Anyone who enslaved defenseless animal familiars deserved to be plugged.

As she ducked beneath a low hanging branch, a scurrying sound signaled a small animal off in the periphery. Probably a raccoon or armadillo. Possibly a night fae of some sort. Halting for a moment, she listened into the night. She heard no other noise to alarm her. Nothing to bar her way or keep her from the task at hand. If luck was with her tonight, the demon had captured his last victim.

Visit the other fabulous authors here.
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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Torchy Tuesday: Mind Your Goddess

MindYourGoddesspostercroppedWIN! Like my Facebook page and leave a comment OR follow my blog and leave a comment to be in the running for a free eBook from my backlist.

With book 4 in the Wytchfae series, Time Singer, coming out soon, I am doing a shout out for book 3, Mind Your Goddess. I had a lot of fun going back to the Roaring 20s with the goddess Epona and her dark guardian Eshigel. I also enjoyed creating Epona’s sunlit abode and Eshigel’s dim underground domain adjacent to that of the ghoulish Grims.

Readers of book 2, Guardian of the Deep, and book 1, Wytchfae Runes, will be pleased to see Bane and the irrepressible Kelly O’Day make brief appearances in Mind Your Goddess. To me, the best part is seeing Epona and Eshigel work hard to manage their differences and tumultuous past baggage. Mind Your Goddess is a dark fantasy paranormal, but the romance is paramount.

Having loved mythology and fairy tales all my life, I’m thrilled to be able to write stories that allow me to explore new mythological themes. In the Wytchfae world, faeries, witches, ghosts, goddesses, dark guardians and many other unusual beings live in dimensions parallel to ours. Wytchfae, or earth witches with a smattering of fae blood, form the link among the various worlds. It’s a reality dear to my heart, and I’m over the moon to be conjuring the magic with paranormal romance.

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