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Cocktail Saturday: Scandinavian Glogg

gloggaaThe glogg recipe below is courtesy of friend Lyn Ehley and is a drink made in heaven for my ghostly Viking, Ingvar, from Wytchfae Runes. Check out the movie character who helped to inspire Ingvar, namely Guthrum the Dane as portrayed by Michael York. My husband and I used to watch the movie every time it came on, him for the Viking versus Saxon fight scenes, and me to see Guthrum in action one more time.



Pour juice and wine in large pan. Add whiskey and sherry. Put almonds, cardamon and cloves in cheesecloth, Tie tightly and lower into mixture. (if cheesecloth unavailable, put in tea ball) Bring to boil. Turn down to medium low heat. Add cinnamon sticks, raisins and orange slices. Simmer for two hours, stirring occasionally. Remove spices including cinnamon sticks. Serve cold or hot. We always preferred hot after being out in the snow. Beachside, you may want to pour over ice and “Skoal!”

Although I’ve never personally made glogg, I hope to do so for a family celebration once the cold winter weather sets in. Today is our anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Ronnie!), but it’s not quite cold enough yet, and I want the hot version, not the beach version. Maybe the weather will call for glogg as we honor my beloved husband’s birthday in mid January!

Thanks, Lyn, for sharing your recipe! Skoal!


Hump Day Hook: Bravo, Michael York

A faery witch with an attitude. A vengeful Viking ghost.

Welcome to the 12th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of splendid HDH authors here. Everyone would love a comment and for their post to be liked and HumpDayHooklogotweeted. Join the HDH Facebook page.

In celebration of the birthday of my favorite actor Michael York, whose Viking

Guthrum the Dane in the movie Alfred the Great forever inspired me, the following is a description of the Viking ghost Ingvar the first time faery witch Kelly lays eyes on him. The timing is a bit inopportune, since Kelly is frantically trying to transition a ghost to the afterlife:Her mouth fell open as a man’s shape emerged from the shadows.

Another ghost.

Tall and muscular, his fair hair streamed from a bronze helmet. A large brooch with a runic symbol joined the corners of a cloak made of skins, revealing a long under-tunic marred with rust-colored stains. Leather straps encircled his long, trouser clad legs from knees to boots, and a belt secured knives and other weapons. A sword and shield hung from shoulder straps.

Kelly stared. She had only seen such clothes in movies. Such men either. He was one gorgeous hunk of male.


Hump Day Hook


Ghost?! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the 10th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of splendid HDH hook authors here. Everyone would love a comment and for their post to be liked and tweeted. Join the HDH Facebook page.

The following is from Wytchfae – Runes, the first book in the Wytchfae series. Faery witch Kelly is working hard to transition the spirit Cora to her afterlife, when intruders appear:

Kelly jumped as raging howls pierced the air. The coyote lunged at the Viking, who gripped hanks of fur. Her heart thumping, Kelly prayed the Viking kept the beast from tearing out his throat. With grunts and snarls, the two fell to the ground fighting. Harsh popping sounds drew Kelly’s attention from the battle. Electrical flares skittered across the circle, knocking Kelly and Cora to the HumpDayHooklogoground.


Hump Day Hook

HumpDayHooklogoWelcome to the 5th Hump Day Hook of 2013. In this blog hop, each author posts one paragraph from a book or WIP. Find a list of HDH hook authors here. Everyone would love a comment. Join the HDH page on Facebook.

This is one of the beings Ingvar encounters after the Grims transport him to a dark dimension in Wytchfae Runes:

His primary attention was instantly riveted on the gold arrayed creature in the midst of her retinue. Queen of the Grims? Dressed in a trailing gown threaded throughout with gold, she gleamed like the sun, even in the dimly lit room. Ingvar’s belly clenched as he realized that in this place of promiscuous skin, the Queen displayed not an inch. Gloves of the same fabric as her gown decorated her hands, and a shimmering veil cascaded to obscure her hair. The golden mask that safeguarded her face, however, sent icy shards rippling down his spine. The mask conformed to the contours of her face, displaying full golden woman shaped lips, with a small oval hole in the center. Holes for sight and for breathing were also in evidence. Made of smooth gold metal, the mask transformed her into the eeriest of creatures. How hideous must she be to appear before him so completely shielded? He detected only her cold and merciless scrutiny.


Face It: That’s a Viking

Viking Face

I am one of those people who sees hidden faces in everything– tree trunks, curtain folds, and clouds. The tendency is called pareidolia and comes from the Greek words for “instead image” or “alongside form.” However, my husband had never demonstrated the same proclivity, even after decades of living together.

Imagine my surprise when he called me into the kitchen recently and asked, “Do you see a Viking head?”

“Where?” I looked around for a copy of my book cover for Wytchfae Runes, which features a sexy Viking. Had I left the plexiglass flyer display in the kitchen?

“Right there,” he answered, pointing to an array of plastic grocery bags crumbled into a small counter top bin.

I peered at the bags and immediately saw the face. It looked like something discovered in a tomb of Viking royalty. “Wow, it’s a Viking.”

This brought an audible sigh from Mr. R, who had apparently thought he was seeing things.

So tell me, can you see the Viking face?

Welcome to the happy world of pareidolia, or to put it in more mystical, literary terms, the condition of never being without friends, house guests, and inspiration.

Wytchfae Runes Book Cover


I was thrilled to receive the gorgeous book cover art for Wytchfae Runes.  Artist Dawné Dominique is brilliant. I love the cover so much! It depicts the supernova attraction of faery witch Kelly and Viking ghost Ingvar, as well as their mysterious world. Wytchfae Runes is scheduled to be published by Secret Cravings Publishing in October 2012.