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October Poem

Poetry dances through life with me as mesmerizing background music. It has always been an uplift during troubled times and contented times. My passion for poetry goes right along with a soaring love of mythology and fairy tales. It’s a fundamental need. One long ago year I rose at dawn every morning and wrote a poem a day. Most years it has been much more sporadic. My mother had copies of my hundreds of poems, as did one of my oldest childhood friends. Otherwise, I haven’t shared them much.

Poetry is really hard to share. Poetry is image condensed down into roux, and most people view it as scribblings from Neptune. Sharing your poetry is opening yourself up for close internal inspection. It’s like blood dripping, one red drop after another. Think of the tarot card The Fool, who stands with a foot trembling off the edge of the cliff.

Still, this is the autumn season, and energy zings this time of year. So, it’s a leap of faith, and the sharing is the thing. 

This is one from over 40 years ago.


Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic

Fae Friday: Moon Blows Fairy Kisses

Do you see Jupiter above and slightly to the right of the moon, our gorgeous Selene? In astrological terms, it’s conjunct. A few days ago we were graced with a glorious full moon in Libra and Jupiter rising close by, with focus on balance, passion, compassion, partnerships, and soul deep beauty. I drove all around town taking moon pictures with my phone. The fast moving moon is already on her way out of Scorpio and soon into Sagittarius, with ultra slow moving Jupiter, of course, still in Libra, and retrograde. Other longer term astrological aspects layer in tension, self worth, and nervous energy. 

Look at the full moon picture and let your eyes relax. Do you see a face blowing fairy kisses to us? My friend Loretta saw it, too. The moon is the mouth, the clouds are the eyebrows and eyes. The trees look like hands curving around the moon lips while they blow.

Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance


Tuesday Tales: Writing Moon

Moon9-8-2015Even a staid 1950s Montana ranch kitchen can be filled with moon magic when it comes to hankerings, urges, and love.

Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring diverse authors who post excerpts from their WIPs based on word and picture prompts. We have a picture prompt today, and the snippet is from a story currently being reworked as Jaycee’s Cowboy. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

Sadie had just finished filling a large oval platter when the front door opened and closed, and Sam’s boots resounded in the hallway. His gaze landed on Jaycee and then Sadie. Stopping at the sink, he suds up and scrubbed his hands as if he’d been handling vermin. “Feeling better, Sadie?”

“Getting there. What happened to the tree, Sam?”

After a moment he said, “Lightning most like.”

Jaycee eased into a chair. Yeah, in a blue moon.

Sadie gave her a wink and set about dipping eggs onto a blue patterned plate. “I’ll eat in my room, if you don’t mind, Sam. Sit down and get some nourishment in you.”

He nodded, and Sadie took her plate and ambled from the kitchen.
Sam’s masculine presence filled up the room and set an intimate tone. Jaycee hoped he couldn’t detect the erratic beat pulsing at her throat. They ate in silence for a few minutes, and her stomach began to settle a bit.

He reached for toast at the same time as she, and a sliver of electricity surged from his hand to hers. She jerked away and stared at him. He leaned over and put his thumb to the corner of her mouth. “Butter makes for kissable lips.” The corners of his eyes crinkled before his expression darkened. He reached for her then and pulled her onto his lap. He kissed where his thumb had been. “Jaycee, you’re a vision. What you do to me—.”

The muscles of his shoulders corded under her restless fingers. “Sam, I-I want—”

His arms tightened around her and with a forefinger he traced the plunging ‘v’ of her neckline. She trembled at his hot breath against her ear. “Will you come to my bed, Jaycee?”

Tuesday TalesThanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my excerpt with today’s picture prompt of a beautiful moon. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Mythic Monday: Gemini Goddess Changing Woman

049As the Wheel of the Year continued to turn, winding toward the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice, the energy of Gemini came into play. The focus migrated to communication and rapidity of thought. What better time to revel in a little facile repartee than the good ole summertime? This is not August with its shady oaks and mint juleps. The essence of this configuration involves flexibility, adaptability, and curiosity. Even in the summer heat, there is a quickening—of thought, of action, of discourse. Tempers may fly and wits definitely do. We change our minds easily and are sometimes torn between two or more courses of action or points of view. I honor the Navajo goddess Changing Woman as 2015 patron goddess of Gemini.

Changing Woman is represented by the restless moon, “fickle” orb, as John Keats calls her. She changes each night, from dark to full and back again to dark—all within 28 days. She is a young woman, then a lush ripe woman, then an elder wise woman, and at last young again. She does not die but merely morphs into different forms. She has a sister called White Shell Woman, and sometimes they are considered twins. Changing Woman was beloved of the Sun. He shone his rays upon her, and she conceived and bore twins—Child of Water and Monster Slayer. Those boys fought and defeated the vile monstrosities that roamed the earth in ancient times. Changing Woman loved the animals of the forest and plain. Ever curious and striving to use the energies within and around her, Changing Woman created humankind from the skin of her body. She gifted humans with rain, dew, sweet scented flowers, succulent fruits, bountiful animals, prayer sticks, and beautiful gemstones.

Changing Woman was a much beloved goddess, and under other names, appeared in multiple Native American pantheons. She loved the magic of nature and luxuriated in her floating home on the western sea, surrounded by her beloved animals—including buffalo and deer—and all manner of turquoise, carnelian, red jasper, and other fine jewels.

May we all be blessed by the beauty, curiosity, and creative power bestowed by Changing Woman.

Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance 

Vintage Friday: Outasite! 1969 by Flossie Benton Rogers

File0004aThe Beatles ride in a Yellow Submarine. Credence sees a Bad Moon Rising. Marvin Gaye reveals he Heard it Through the Grapevine. The news explodes with antiwar demonstrations and riots. Richard Nixon is now president. There are whispers of an end to the Viet Nam war. Last year we experienced the great teachers’ walkout, and this year our school is integrated. We are fairly insulated from the drugs, pain, and rage of the late sixties, but Viet Nam is on our minds. It has been our reality for years, and we all have losses from there. We, the class of 1969, hang up our black and gold poms poms, don our blue graduation gowns, and with eyes full of dreams, march down the aisle to receive our diplomas. We’ve chosen the white rose for class flower and the motto “Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

The summer after graduation we are working, traveling, or playing at the beach before we assume a full time job or morph into freshmen once more.  I attend a special semester at Florida Presbyterian College (now Eckerd) to study Spanish. I fall in love with the literature section of the library. The dorms have gone co-ed. A big debate is whether turning off bathroom lights or leaving them on saves the most electricity. We all tune in for the surreal moment when Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.

Time passes. Years fly by. We lose touch with most of our fellow 1969 graduates but stay close friends with a few. We marry, have children, pursue a career, feed our passions, and become older right along with the rest of the world. We lose parents, siblings, a number of classmates, and sometimes our spouses. Our kids transform into adults with little ones of their own. Forty-five years pass in the blink of an eye. Most of us were never that good in math, and our brains can’t compute being so old. 

This weekend, we will come together again for a 1969 reunion. We’ll visit, chat, catch up, and ask about the ones not attending. We’ll wonder who’ll be missing at the next one. We’ll sip wine and groove to our music. For one brief weekend we’ll be dreamy eyed and young again, and more than ever before, looking “around in awareness.”

Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Tuesday Tales: Lord of Fire 7-15-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

Tuesday TalesTUESDAY TALES – Each week a group of authors bands together to share snippets of our works in progress. Visit the other fabulous authors here.
My snippet comes from Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5, a WIP soon to be submitted. Note this week’s picture prompt above.

She moved with catlike stealth along the faint narrow tracks, using only the light of the full moon and night vision heightened by the drop of fae blood running through her veins. No high tech goggles. Not even a green capped penlight meant to resemble a swirl of firefly in the dead of night.

Not that she didn’t have just such a penlight safely stowed in an inner pocket. She did, plus a couple of blades and a dainty 357 revolver with decidedly undainty shells. Just the weapon to stop a low life scum in his tracks. She wouldn’t fool around with spells or other Wytchfae tools. Anyone who enslaved defenseless animal familiars deserved to be plugged.

As she ducked beneath a low hanging branch, a scurrying sound signaled a small animal off in the periphery. Probably a raccoon or armadillo. Possibly a night fae of some sort. Halting for a moment, she listened into the night. She heard no other noise to alarm her. Nothing to bar her way or keep her from the task at hand. If luck was with her tonight, the demon had captured his last victim.

Visit the other fabulous authors here.
Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance