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Book Review: Taming the Lyon


It is my pleasure to share with you this thrilling, suspenseful historical romance by Loretta C. Rogers. The hero is delicious. The story is riveting. You can’t put it down!

Author – Loretta C. Rogers 

First Published – 2017

Genre – Historical Romance

Setting – Africa, around 1910

Heroine – Dr. Margaret Boynton, recently widowed Englishwoman who undertakes to practice her medical skills in Africa. She is feisty and determined.

Hero – Jeremiah Lyon, hunter and safari guide charged with Margaret’s safety during the dangerous journey to the Angel of Mercy Medical Compound. He is enigmatic and alluring.

Villain – The sinister leader of a secret society of cannibals

Major Theme – Love wins over inner demons, danger, heartbreak, loss, illness, fear, and death.

Descriptors – suspense, danger, adventure, mystery

Favorite Supporting Character – M’pika, Lyon’s blood brother and best friend

Fun Tidbit – In the back of the book is a section of Swahili words, including:simba / lion, timbo / elephant. There is also an excellent discussion list for use by book clubs.

Memorable Line – Warning by boat captain when Margaret leans too far over the side of the boat to peer at a riverbank of crocodiles: “They are particularly fond of English meat.”

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Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

Review: Our Justice #RRBC


Author – John W. Howell

First Published – 2016

Genre – Suspense Thriller

Setting – California locales

Hero – John Cannon, lawyer and quick study

Villain – Matt Jacobs, wealthy terrorist set on assassinating the President and killing anyone who gets in his way or annoys him

Major Theme – Determined good wins over evil.

Descriptors – fast paced, moves at light speed, never a dull moment- seriously, well researched, puts the reader in the mind and body and behind the eyeballs of the hero, part 3 of series but stands on its own

Favorite Supporting Character – Ned Tranes, excellent police chief, good hearted friend and mentor of the hero

Fun Tidbit – I’m used to reading books with 3rd person POV. This book is written in 1st person POV, and not only that, it’s written in PRESENT TENSE. This gives it a fantastic quality of immediacy– Examples:

To add to my misery, a droplet runs down my forehead and into my eye. I don’t have a free hand to wipe the sweat away, and it burns my eye. I try to wink in the hope of clearing away the salt water.

“Also, if you make any sudden moves, I’ll have to pop you in the knee with my little friend here.”

Memorable Line – The coffee appears to have some magical power—the color flows back into her cheeks, and she looks much younger than just two minutes ago.

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Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

Review: Assaie’s Gift #RRBC


Author – D.E. Howard

First Published – 2015 

Genre – Fantasy

SubGenre – Romantic Elements

Setting – Earth; Goddess Realm

Heroine – Kia; Assaie

Hero – Xander; Jacob

Major Theme – Love endures and heals; features parallel stories on earth and goddess realm

Descriptors – light, delightful, fanciful, as appealing as our favorite childhood fairy tale

Favorite Supporting Character – Mother, the wise old woman who took in a hungry goddess

Fun Tidbit – I’m used to reading romances with 3rd person POV. This book with its plethora of POVs was a lot of fun. Example: She still had an outfit to choose and didn’t see her mother wiping a tear from her eye as she watched Kia leave the room.

Memorable Line – “What kind of boyfriend do I have that won’t let me cut him up a little bit?”


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Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance