Tuesday Tales: Writing Purple

Tuesday TalesTuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring talented authors who post excerpts from their works in progress based on word and picture prompts. We’re a dedicated bunch that enjoys reading as much as you do. Today’s word prompt is purple. My snippet is from an unedited vintage romance I’m working on set in the 1950s. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

Jerking her apron strings tight and knotting them, Laura gritted her teeth at the audacity of the man. Flirting with a woman whose husband was overseas. Only someone like Wade Killingham would actually think she’d be interested. It turned her stomach. She made her way into the little sitting room that served them for everything but sleeping and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her daughter. The pajama clad cherub lay tummy down on the fuzzy rug, bare feet dancing in the air while she colored intently.

Laura knelt down beside Emmie, admiring her artwork and drawing in soothing little girl scent. “What beautiful mountains, darling. I love how you colored them.”

“I made the purple kind Daddy likes. You know, in the song about America.”

“Oh, yes…the purple mountains. Good job, honey. And who is that standing in front?”

Giggles filled the air. “Daddy of course.”

“He’ll be tickled at your picture. Do you want to send it to him in our next letter?”

The little brow wrinkled. “Okay, but when will he be home, Mama?”

Only heaven and Uncle Sam knew that. “Soon, baby. I know you miss him. He misses you too.” She touched the wayward curls and stood. “It’s time for bed, Emmie. Put your crayons away and I’ll tuck you in.”

Nita appeared at the door, looking uncertain. “Oh, I uh…when you have a minute.”

Laura stood. “Yes, let’s go into the kitchen. Emmie is getting ready to hop in bed.”

Nita grinned down. “Night, Emmie. Sleep tight.”

More giggles. “And don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

Customer conversations filtered into the kitchen, as Laura turned off the burner from  under a pot of chili. “What is it, Nita? I’ll be back out front in a few.”

“It’s Wade. He’s come inside again. I just wanted to let you know.”

Laura’s stomach knotted. “You’d better get back out there before he barges through the swinging doors. And don’t worry. As soon as Emmie is in bed, I’ll handle the mule.”

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Romance


14 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: Writing Purple

  1. carmens007

    Dear Flossie’s fans/followers/fellow authors,

    I nominated Flossie’s blog for an annual award. Please, follow the link I am leaving bellow. I posted about this competition for bloggers and there’s a link taking you to where the event takes place. Please, vote for her. It’s done only once!
    Here’s the link

    I nominated her for Most Informative Original Content 2016 category. Scroll down the page and you will find the category and her name. May Flossie win! Thank you!!!!

    I always admire the excellent way you use the action beats to move the action forward, Flossie. I must take notes.
    Great snippet as usual!

    1. Flossie Benton Rogers Post author

      Carmen, you are so good to your cyber friends. Thank you again for the nomination and shout out to my blog. If I’d gotten to it in time, I would have nominated yours– it’s chock full of delights. Thank you for the notice of action beats on the vintage snippet.

  2. Mae Clair

    First, I’ve got to say I’m with Carrmen and have already voted for you, Flossie. *Fingers crossed*

    As always, your snippet is smoothly presented, engaging the reader from start to finish. Such likable characters, with a strong ending. I like Laura’s way of thinking reading “the mule!” 🙂

  3. Sarah Cass

    I’m intrigued by this story already! Great little scene with her daughter…and I’m looking forward to see how she handles the mule of a man.

  4. Author

    Sorry she is missing her husband. Somehow, I think the “mule” is going to become important to her in the near future. Jillian


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