Tuesday Tales: Writing Meat Pie by Flossie Benton Rogers


He greets them gladly
Scans them eagerly,
A man’s companions.”
The Wanderer, Old English Poem

Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring diverse authors who post excerpts from their WIPs based on word and picture prompts. Today our prompt is a picture of a meat pie. The snippet is from my historical romance featuring a heroine named Audrissa. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

Savory aromas from the hearth filled the air, guiding Audrissa toward the gathering in the hall. Her stomach gurgled, reminding her of the long hours since she broke her morning fast. A longing to be back at Old Tildy’s cozy hut swept over her, despite the feast awaiting ahead. Nothing good could come of being summoned to the lord’s table. She tugged at the borrowed gown, tucking a length of the fine fabric beneath the outlying girdle. Too long for her petite height and too rich a garment for a servant, it had to belong to a member of the lord’s family. Either that or a giantess.

The cacophony grew louder, male voices in raucous camaraderie. The smell of ale competed with the succulent feast offerings. Stiffening her backbone, she swept into the great hall and stood immobile.

The old lord must have been on the lookout. He rose, banging a cup on the table. “Quiet, ye blithering churls.” His large frame stooped more than it had when he rode by on one of his noble steeds last Michaelmas, leading the revelers, and his features were ruddy with the effects of ale. He gestured for her to approach, impatience evident in his mannerism. “Ranulf! Where the devil is that nephew of mine?”

She wrinkled her brow. Ranulf. Where had she heard that name before?

The din quietened. An imposing figure emerged from a shadowed corner. “I’m here, old man.”

“Get to the table, ye chancy rascal. Yer to share a trencher with the lass.” He shouted for the serving girl. “Fetch another rabbit pasty for my ne’er do well nephew and his betrothed.”Tuesday Tales

I hope you enjoyed Audrissa’s visit to the lord’s home and the tasty meat pie. Thanks so much for stopping by. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

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  1. jeanjoachim

    Great description! I felt like I was right there. And perhaps her betrothed isn’t such a bad guy after all. Maybe he’s a hunky catch! Can’t wait to find out.


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