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“My mother taught me, and I’ll teach you.”

Emmie blinked up at her, eyes wide. “What do I do?”

Laura tied the soft yarn into a slip knot. “First, let me make you a chain.” She quickly ran up a starter chain. “Okay, honey, I made it big so you can see where the hook goes. I put it through these two loops, like that. Then I bring it underneath and hook the yarn. See? It’s called yarn over.”

A tiny frown notched her brow. “Cause the yarn goes over the hook?”

“Yes, and after I hook the yarn, I pull it back through the hole I made in the loops. See that?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then I yarn over again and pull it through the other two loops on the hook.” She finished off the stitch. “It’s called a single crochet stitch. There are different kinds, but this one comes first. See, I’ll do it again. Watch.” In slow motion she maneuvered the hook. “Through the two loops, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, and on through the loops on the hook. Want to try?”

“Okay. It looks hard though.”

bagpurplemultiloretta-splotch-trim“You liked the little blanket I made you. If you learn how to crochet, you can make Daddy a present for when he gets home.”

Emmie brightened and reached for the yarn her mother held out. “Where do I put my fingers?”

“Right hand holds the hook, like a pencil. I know, it’s a little big, but you’ll get used to it. Down close to the hook and keep it steady so you don’t lose the stitch.” She placed the little fingers just so. With their heads close together, she breathed in her daughter’s scent. Emmie smelled like warm sunlight. “Left hand holding the other end. Now push the hook through the holes.”

With her help Emmie made her first crochet stitch, and then several more. Giggles filled the air. “Pretty soon you’ll be a crochet princess.”

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

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  1. carmens007

    Lovely! It reminded me of my mother who was a wizard with crocheting. I tried it myself for a while but….. in vain.


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