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Cookies 5-3-2016Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring talented authors who post excerpts from their works in progress based on word and picture prompts. We’re a dedicated bunch that enjoys books and reading as much as you do. Today we have a tasty looking picture to spark our imaginations. My snippet is from a vintage romance set in the 1950s. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

Late afternoon shadows angled against the walls like man-eating plants. Why, oh why had she paid good money to see that picture show last Saturday?

She shook off the eerie feeling. “Run and check your clothes hamper, Emmie. I want to get the rest of the washing and ironing done before the supper crowd comes in. Nita can only stay until six o’clock, and I’ll be without help after that.”

Giggling, her daughter skipped out of the room, returning a minute later with a miniature rose-colored dress. Fat dimples appeared in her cheeks. “The hamper is empty, but Mistress Marigold’s ball gown is wrinkled.”

Laura smiled and reached for the doll dress, sniffing in the scent of lavender sachet. “We can’t have that. What do you want for supper, darling? More of the succotash you had earlier?”

Soft golden curls shook vehemently. “I’m still full, Mama. I think my tummy will only hold chocolate cake.”

“Sorry, sweetie. The lunch crowd finished off the cake. We’ll wait another hour or so. Then I’ll fix you and Mistress Marigold a nice light supper fit for ladies-in-waiting. How does a grilled cheese sound? Afterward, you may check the cookie jar. There may be one or two snickerdoodles in it.”

Emmie’s expression wavered for a moment, as if she couldn’t decide whether to pout or go along with the plan. Her good nature won out. She dimpled and picked up her doll, chattering excitedly about an upcoming ball.

A sprig of sadness wafted around Laura’s insides, pricking her in places she tried to keep protected and hidden. Her little girl was acting so grown up lately. She was growing up, and fast. Jeffrey was missing out on that. He needed to come home. She swiped at the moisture in her eyes. She needed him to come home.

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