Tuesday Tales: Shale 11-4-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring diverse authors who post excerpts from their WIPs based on word and picture prompts. Today’s prompt is the word flower. This week we look at a work in progress I’m temporarily calling by the heroine’s name, Shale. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.


Tiny furrows appeared between Rowena’s shapely eyebrows. “Shale, what did the spirit show you?”

Shale swallowed, and her words gurgled out in excited spurts. “She held out her arm toward me. A red gemstone lay in her hand like an Easter egg.” She cast her eyes toward the display case housing the crystals they had for sale, scanning the colorful array. “An opaque rock, not totally rough though.” She leaned down to peer at the bottom shelf. “It looked like it had been shaped, but it wasn’t faceted like jewelry you see today.”

“Carnelian perhaps?”

Shale straightened and shrugged. “Maybe, or red quartz. I only saw it for a split second, and you know crystals aren’t my strong suit. Ivy would have identified it in a flash.”

Rowena pursed her lips. “When Ivy gets here, you and she can look at the rocks in the case and go over the possibilities. Maybe the two of you can figure out what kind of stone it was.”

Anxiety tattooed the middle of Shale’s abdomen. “Do you think that’s important?”

“Any information may be helpful as we try and decide what the ghost wants.”

“Crap. If only the spirit had showed herself to Ivy instead of me.”

“She’s chosen you for a reason, Shale.”

“Maybe she made a mistake.”

Rowena smiled and shook her head. “Would you stop it, for goddess sake? The red stone may or may not be important. This particular ghost picked you because there’s something only you can do for her. We just have to find out what the hell it is.”

Despite the buoying words, Shale remained uncertain. Pursuing the matter right now wouldn’t accomplish anything though. “Why is Ivy coming over anyway? I thought she had a date tonight.”

“Humph, that’s off. She and Brian had a fight.”

An exasperated sigh escaped Shale’s lips. “Not again.”

“Yep, don’t say anything. She’ll tell you about it when she’s ready.”

Shale grunted. It was doubtful Ivy would confide any secrets to her. Shale hadn’t exactly been supportive of her little sister’s love affair with big shot jock Brian Fraser. The contentment she had earlier while mixing herbs had evaporated, along with the excitement at seeing the spirit again. She sank down onto one of the low stools behind the counter. All of a sudden she felt more like a wilting flower than one of the vibrant, kick ass Delaney sisters.

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  1. carmens007

    A tantalizing snippet I thoroughly enjoyed! I’m sure this book will be as compelling as the one I almost finished. A review will follow soon.


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