Tuesday Tales: Shale 11-11-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

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“For pity’s sake, step on it,” Ivy grumbled. All the cool pieces will be gone by the time we get there.”

Shale shot her sister an irritated glance. “You should try maneuvering these sharp curves on this tiny strip of rock dust called a road.”

“Pull over and I will.”

“Where? There’s practically no shoulder. Anyway, with your foot on the pedal, we’d soon be in the lake.” She paused. “Our job is to look for Josephine’s diary, not collect more vintage clothing to stuff in your closet.”

“You said I could look.” Shale heard the pout in Ivy’s tone.

“After we find the diary.” Shale gripped the wheel harder and kept her gaze riveted ahead. Mid-morning shadows dappled the road into a distorted optical illusion. It wasn’t likely a car would be traveling toward them from the opposite direction, but you never know. When she eased off the gas a tad, Ivy’s sigh sounded as long suffering as they come.

After a few minutes, they rounded a stouter curve. The view opened to the  blue shimmer of Lake Riley and a substantial two-story house set along its bank. Several vehicles were parked willy nilly in the yard. Good. Not too many other treasure hunters to deal with.

Ivy had already opened the door and slipped out. Her voice lilted in excitement. “There’s bound to be an Edwardian tea gown in the upstairs bedroom. Maybe even an early Victorian ensemble.”

Shale didn’t answer. Her gaze latched onto a trio of narrow attic windows. Her palms itched to fondle the old books and stored away papers surely to be found in a rusty trunk up there. She crossed her fingers that among them would be Josephine’s diary. She’d finally get a lead on what the spirit wanted from her.

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