Tuesday Tales: Lucien Silver 3-17-2015 by Flossie Benton Rogers

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Her scent ribboned around him, sliding over his skin like soft, demanding fingers. He stared down into her periwinkle eyes.

A minute ago she had been a fluffy white Persian cat.

He stumbled back a step. “Jack overkill.”

A tiny furrow appeared between her brows, as she looked up at him. She moved, and a soft hand brushed over his forearm.

The hairs on his arm stood up. A jolt of electricity ricocheted through his body. “I’m passed out and dreaming.”

Quick as a cat scratch, she pinched him.

The swift movement made the obscene diamond on her finger flash like a meteorite. He stared at the ring for a moment, rubbing his arm. “Ow! That hurt, damn it.”

She seemed to relax a little, and a slight fluttering played across her lips. “Then stop muttering nonsense. You may have tossed down too much whiskey last night, but I’m not a result of that. Nor am I a dream.”

He gripped the back of his neck. “You’re sure as hell no nightmare.”

Her smile deepened, exposing twin dimples. “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve said. Well, except for telling that vile toad of a doorman I’m yours.”

He might have known his words would come back to bite him. “Who are you?”

She chewed her bottom lip, and the worried look was back.

“Better question. What are you?”

“Have you…do you know…” She cleared her throat. “I’m a sith, half sith anyway.”

That meant squat. He spread his palms. “Which is–?”

“A type of fae. You know about fae?”

“Not to speak of.” He glanced around at the room that had become too small. The back of his neck burned, and he rubbed it again. “Why did you pick me to take up with? Am I the first man to rub your tummy today?”

Her eyes narrowed into slits, but her tone stayed soft and breathy. “Oh, Lucien, you’ve got it wrong. You’re not just some random guy.”

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  1. jeanjoachim

    Love the tension between them and the line about her scent ribboning around him. Fabulous! He’s not some random guy? Can’t wait to hear the rest of that. Great story.


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