Tuesday Tales: Lord of Fire 7-22-2014 by Flossie Benton Rogers

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My snippet comes from Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5, a WIP soon to be submitted. This week’s word prompt is BLOOM.

The forest track broadened to a wider dirt road covered over with pine needles. Before long the pines gave way to scrub. “There’s my car.” She pointed toward the small gold SUV parked where she had left it alongside a tall spike of blazing star. The vibrant magenta bloom stood in sharp contrast to the tranquil green of the surrounding clumps of grass and palmettos.

Slowing to a bumpy stop, The Hawk shifted his truck into park and left the engine running while he moved to let Garnet slip out the driver’s door.

His arm brushed against hers, and despite their long sleeves, an electric quiver shot straight to her insides. She looked up at him. “What about Cassie and Ava?”

“No use in shifting them over. Ava is still out cold. They can stay in my truck, and I’ll follow you on to your friend’s house.” His gaze heated her skin. “It’ll make it easier all the way around.”

Easier for whom? In some ways, every minute she spent in his company made her life harder. His effect distracted her from what she needed to do. Yet, his words sent a shiver of excitement skittering up her spine. “Are you sure? It’s nearly an hour’s drive.”

His mouth quirked upward. “I’m sure.”

She nodded. “So, Hawk…” She looked down, hesitating.

“What’s on your mind?”

She met his eyes. “We’re in this together then? You’ll stick until we get Borros?”

His voice deepened. “I’ll stick.”

“Thanks, Hawk, I appreciate it.” With her fingers on the car door, she stopped, feeling his breath on the top of her head. He had moved up behind her, and her own breath quickened. His scent, one of deep woods and hot blooded male, twined its scorching tendrils around her, teasing her with the sheer animal magnetism of the man. She cleared her raspy throat. “What about the ogre?”

“The interrogation can wait. He’s not moving an inch from where I left him.”

She clenched the door handle, and his hand covered hers. His words came out a low, husky whisper. “One more thing, Wytchfae.”

She twisted half around toward him and tilted up her face. “Yes?”

Her flesh trembled beneath his warm touch as he brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes. “Since we’re in this together, call me Gabriel.”

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