Fae Friday: Rune of the Day – Dagaz

Inner self, higher self, higher power, spirit, angels, goddess, fae, source. There are many names for the sacred wisdom underlying all. My old metaphysical teacher called it Spirit, and that’s how I tend to refer to it most times. We can call on it to guide us. How does it answer? The ways are countless, and one way is rune casting. This is an ancient method from the frozen north, used by Vikings and other Germanic cultures. Runes shine a light on the ripe possibilities of the moment. A casting also comes in many patterns and forms. For a quick casting, I draw one rune.

I close my eyes and ask Spirit for guidance, for a message. What do I need to know at this time? From my bag of amethyst runes, I draw a single stone. I listen with open mind and heart.

Today I draw Dagaz. Its shape reminds me of an hourglass or a geometric butterfly.
Part of the traditional Germanic Futhark or runic alphabet, it is one of the eight runes under the patronage of the warrior god Tyr.

Using free association, its shape reminds me of the name of the chaotic, powerful god Dahak from the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. Although Dagaz is certainly not dark and evil like Dahak, its transformative power may seem earthshaking to the one experiencing it. It signals a major breakthrough, a high level transformation. Think about the words breakthrough and transformation. Transformation is alchemical magic. You are being created anew. Breakthrough is when the sun, after a long period of being obscured by clouds, suddenly reappears in all its glory. The moment may not feel comfortable. You may be temporarily blinded by the intensity of the light. You may have been so accustomed to the darkness or the low light that you can’t even look up at the sun’s brilliance right away. But you will, for your day has come. You must trust in the process and your readiness to handle it. Remember, transformation is hard work.

Drawing Dagaz, I can tell this is a momentous time for me. I need to greet the changes with an open mind and a heart of joy.

I hope you enjoyed our look at Dagaz, the Rune of the Day. What’s on your mind after reading this?

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Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

10 thoughts on “Fae Friday: Rune of the Day – Dagaz

  1. carmens007

    Well, interesting rune. I think it’s not enough just to draw one, but also have the wisdom and open mindedness and imaginative power to be able to interpret it. Which you certainly have. May this transformation be a beneficial one for you, Flossie!


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