Amazing Actress Doran Clark

Happy Birthday, Doran Clark!

Born August 8th, 1954, Leo Sun Sign

A couple of years ago I discovered vintage mysteries on one of the Hallmark channels and am enjoying delving into such shows as Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Hart to Hart, and especially Murder She Wrote. While watching these series from the 1980s and 90s, a fascinating talent named Doran Clark caught my attention. There is something magical and enigmatic about her, whatever role she plays. I first noticed her in an episode of Matlock entitled The Vacation. In that one she played a hit woman hired to murder an old school chum. Her reaction upon being found out was minimalistic and chilling. She had a semblance of a marble statue about her, compartmentalizing her profession while displaying a tiny and deeply buried thread of tension and remorse.

Although she played in a number of television shows and movies, Doran Clark is not always easily recognizable. In fact she’s rather like a chameleon. It’s not just that her hair and clothing changes. She changes. I guess that’s what good acting is all about. After seeing her in Matlock and an enthralling episode of Murder She Wrote called Angel of Death, I decided to blog about her. To my astonishment the next night I watched two thirds of another episode of Murder She Wrote entitled Deadly Lady before realizing the actress portraying one of four sisters was none other than Doran Clark. She looked and acted THAT different. Amazing.

She makes a brief appearance in this movie trailer on You Tube. Keep going past the beginning until you get to the dark haired actress:

I love seeing the old mystery shows with their parade of guest stars. One of the best and most versatile was Doran Clark. Kudos to the actress for such outstanding and entertaining performances.

New information: Blog reader Tom Gill recently notified me that Doran’s grandfather was WWII General Mark Clark who led US and combined Allied forces in recapturing Italy from the Nazis! How’s that for an auspicious family tie?

I wish we could see Doran Clark in action today. Do you enjoy vintage television mysteries? Which are your favorites?

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6 thoughts on “Amazing Actress Doran Clark

  1. Mae Clair

    I’m not familiar with Doran Clark, but I’ve probably seen her in a lot of old TV shows without even realizing it. I didn’t watch many of the old mysteries but I did like some of the British shows like Midsomer Murders and Inspector Lynley. I also loved most of the buddy cop shows, and they always had a mystery/case factored into them. My favorites were Starsky and Hutch, Hardcastle and McCormick and Simon & Simon.

    1. Flossie Benton Rogers Post author

      I loved the buddy shows too, especially Starsky and Hutch. An interesting point–a show I don’t remember at all, Emerald Point NAS, featured Richard Dean Anderson, Dennis Weaver, Andrew Stevens, and Doran Clark

  2. carmens007

    I don’t know why I no longer get notifications from your blog. I also subscribed with my other email as I will leave again soon.
    Murder she wrote, Poirot and Foyles War are among my favorite. Had no idea who this actress was but I take your word she’s great.
    Have a lovely week!


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