Tuesday Tales: Writing Hideous

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.” Omar Khayyam

Welcome to Tuesday Tales, a weekly blog featuring diverse authors posting excerpts from their works in progress based on word and picture prompts. We’re a book hungry bunch that enjoys reading as much as you do. Today our word prompt is hideous. My excerpt is from a paranormal fantasy in which a goddess inhabits the body of an archaeological assistant. Please read the excerpts of the other authors at Tuesday Tales.

A waiter appeared with wine, hot loaves, and assurance he’d return for their order tout suite. He seemed more seasoned than their previous attendant.

Prue’s eyes fluttered, casting winged shapes onto her cheeks. “Ahh, the aroma of fresh bread. May I butter a slice for you, Simon?”

Surprised, he nodded and nudged the serving dish toward her.

She cut off an end and selected the next soft section, slathered it with creamy butter, and offered it to him. Her eyes were half closed, glittering facets of emerald and peridot.

He couldn’t believe the sensations bombarding his gut. To keep from blurting out anything about her eyes or other features, he crammed half the slice in his mouth.

Her lips pursed into a half smile. “A ravenous man is a turn on.”

Lord, where was his usual bag of quips when he needed it? “I had to forgo lunch today. You’re not having any bread?”

Buttering another slice, she bit into it and obviously savored the taste.

He had a wild urge to lick the butter off her bottom lip.

She let her tongue do the job. “Why did you skip lunch?”

“Berger was on overload after the break in.”

She coughed delicately. “Wh–what did he say about it?”

“Mainly that some hideous pendant had been stolen.”

She jerked up in her seat. “Why, how dare he?”

Half choking at her change in demeanor, he chewed and swallowed. “What do you mean?”

“The old buzzard wouldn’t know a sacred work of art from a worthless bauble, now would he?”

“You’re probably right about that.” Prue had never cared for Berger, but she was really worked up.

Her nails clicked on the table. “Did he show you the inventory for the piece?”

“No, why?”

“No reason. I just wondered.” She cleared her throat. “You know the old mudfish ticks me off.” She glared around at her surroundings. “Overpriced mausoleum.”

“What’s got into you? A minute ago you were drooling over this place.”

She shrugged. “Drooling over the bread maybe. I have to admit it is to die for.” She finished off her slice. “Yummo.”

He managed an awkward laugh. “For a while there I thought you’d been transformed into a changeling.”

She stopped chewing and stared at him. “And?”

“And what?”

“Which me do you prefer, usual me or changeling me?”

His skin bristled. It was clear she’d been putting him on. He bit out the words. “It’s hard to say.”

She cast her gaze down toward the table. “I see.”

I hope you enjoyed the snippet based on the word prompt hideous. Thanks for stopping by. Return to Tuesday Tales.

Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: Writing Hideous

  1. jeanjoachim

    Great dialogue!! And use of the word prompt. Your language was wonderful, as always. Gotta love “buzzard”, and old favorite of mine, and “mudfish”, first time I’ve seen that one. Terrific snippet. Looking forward to more.

  2. Mae Clair

    I have to agree with Jean. The dialogue in this was wonderful and really had me grinning. Poor guy. You did a great job of letting us see his bewilderment and confusion. Loving this story!

  3. trishafaye

    Excellent scene, Flossie! And who else would use “glittering facets of emerald and peridot” besides Flossie? Perfection. I just love the descriptive words and phrases that you use!

  4. Tricia

    Oh wow! I’m on the edge of my seat with this trying to figure her out. By their banter she has to be confusing Simon. Great job!


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