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A pleasant shock shimmied up her arm. Heart pattering, she jerked her hands to her abdomen and pressed. It took her a few extra moments to break eye contact though. His glittering gold eyes seemed to bore into her like orbs of fire. 

He grunted. “Have I already outstayed my welcome?”

His expression was one of mockery. Or perhaps self-mockery. She couldn’t read him as well as she could most people. “Not at all.” She kept her hands at her solar plexus, drawing on her inner fae power to keep her face bland. Half frantic at the need to keep him from leaving, as well as to mask her tumultuous emotions, she grabbed up her cell phone. “You’re still hungry for breakfast, right? I can take care of that in a quick minute.”

He nodded, one dark eyebrow quirking in curiosity.

She pushed the speed dial button beside the name of a pal of hers. “Hey, Ernesto, how’s it going, sweetie?”

Her friend’s voice graveled over the air waves in its usual grumpy fashion.

“Do me a favor, okay? Fire up the griddle. I have a customer here with a big yen for some bacon and eggs.”

She held her hand over the speaker. “Ernesto says will do and how do you like your eggs.”

“Eggs over easy. Bacon burnt.”

She scrunched her forehead. “Ernesto, he says he likes his eggs over easy and his bacon burnt. Yeah, beats the hell out of me. We’ll be right over.”

She moved toward the screen slider. “Okay, let’s go.”

“You’re going too?”

She flicked her fingers toward a sign behind the bar. “Excellent customer service is our motto here.” An ancient sea bird took umbrage at the untimely closing, and she had to shoo it away. “Come back tomorrow, old timer.” The scented sea breeze tickled her nostrils and got hold of the edge of the flap at the same time. She grabbed it with both hands before it took off like a kite.

His warm hands covered hers. “Here, let me.”

After they had finished securing the tiki hut, she led him toward her motorized buggy. He stopped and looked at her.

The bright sunlight brought tears to her eyes, and she blinked them away. “Is something wrong? Ernesto’s place is only five minutes down the beach.”

He made a sucking sound with his lips. “If you’re going to all this trouble to take me to breakfast, I think it’s time we introduce ourselves. I’m Rhade Marson.” He stuck out a hand.

Her cheeks heating, she gave his hand a healthy squeeze. “Resa Ackerly. Nice to meet you, Mr. Marson.”

“I think we’ve warped right past the need for formality, don’t you agree, Resa?”

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