Tuesday Tales: Writing Boredom

Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring diverse authors who post excerpts from their WIPs based on word and picture prompts. Today’s prompt is boredom, and the snippet is from a work in progress temporarily called Soul Double. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

The firm flesh of his shoulders under her kneading fingers volleyed her with electric tingles. Especially inside her arms between the elbow and wrist. She imagined she could feel his lips hovering there over her skin. It was as if he did the stroking instead of her.

Clotho had said someone tampered with his ka, one of his energy bodies. That may be so, but lordy his physical body pulsed with vitality, beating into her like a jungle drum. Standing so close behind him, she sucked in intoxicating breaths of his masculine scent. If she bottled it, she’d call it Come and Get Your Hot Male–Now. She closed her eyes, and her lips parted to drink it in more fully.

A band of pressure expanded beneath her scalp. This was absurd. Why was she so affected by one measly war god? Steeling herself, she narrowed her focus to the ministrations of her hands and allowed Reiki energy to flow into them from the unseen etheric world. A healing vibe transferred the intention to her heart center, and the tone lifted from physical concerns to a more universal connection. Heat suffused her palms, seeping downward to vibrate deep within his tissue. Even the sunlit air seemed to become part of the process.

After a while, a softening sensation spread over her palms as his tension shifted and melted. The energy steadied and then stilled, waiting to rekindle should she continue the treatment. Inhaling deeply, she patted the tops of his shoulders a couple of times and scooted back behind the counter. “There you go. How was that?”

Unfocused eyes sought hers through half closed lashes as dark as night.

He might look just that way upon waking in the morning or after… in a flash she cast away the unwanted thought. “Did it feel good?” Then she bit her lip at the wording she’d used.Mantattan1-14-2015

He straightened up and looked around the tiki hut, as if disoriented, and then met her scrutiny. “Feel good? You must be kidding. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.”

A smile twitched her lips. “So—no more boredom and quaffing down those whiskey toddies?”

His knuckles brushed against her folded hands. “It seems things are looking up.”

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19 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: Writing Boredom

  1. Iris B

    What a line: The firm flesh of his shoulders under her kneading fingers volleyed her with electric tingles. Brilliant.
    Great post!

  2. carmens007

    Except the vivid description – as always – I liked the name of the “fragrance”she wants to bottle. Thanks for another example of craftsmanship in writing!


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