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Fae Friday: Rune of the Day – Inguz

Inner self, higher self, higher power, spirit, angels, goddess, fae, source. There are many names for the sacred wisdom threaded throughout our reality. My old metaphysical teacher called it Spirit, and that’s how I tend to refer to it most times. We can call on the underlying wisdom to guide us. How does it answer? The ways are countless, and one way is rune casting. This is an ancient method from the frozen north, used by Vikings and other Germanic cultures. Runes shine a light on the ripe possibilities of the moment. A casting also comes in many patterns and forms. In the old days one who practiced the magic of runes was called a Vitka. For a swift reading, I draw one rune.

I close my eyes and ask Spirit for guidance, for a message. What do I need to know at this time? From my bag of amethyst runes, I draw forth a single stone. I listen with open mind and heart.

The Binding of Fenris by D Hardy (Public Domain) via Wikimedia

Today I draw Inguz. Its shape is that of an X standing on top of another X. Part of the traditional Germanic Futhark or runic alphabet, it is one of the eight runes under the patronage of the warrior god Tyr. Lately my runic messages seem to be predominantly of Tyr’s Eight. Tyr shines in our minds as the god who bound the monstrous wolf Fenrir, losing a hand in the process.

Inguz speaks of fertility and new beginnings. Its qualities are that of the hero god Ing, whose name I settled on my hero Ingvar in my first book, Wytchfae Runes. Ing and Ingvar remind me of the noble knight Sir Gawain, who strived to maintain his integrity in the deceptive situations he encountered.

The mysterious, changeable moon is related to the energy of Inguz. Each night the moon presents a different face as it travels swiftly in its heavenly orbit, from new to old and back to new in only 28 days. The moon indicates movement and emotional health. Inguz represents these concerns, as well as intuition, a desire for harmony, and the adaptability needed for success.

Inguz signals an emergence from a tense, closed state into a more fertile, creative mode of being. It is a powerful rune signifying a new path and a transition into joy. What may have been stagnant now has the energy to blossom. It is important to actively strive to shake off old habits and outdated thoughts patterns that no longer serve our best interests. Change is at hand.

Recently I completed a life task that has been troubling me for some time. Another such task in also nearing completion. Drawing Inguz seems a validation that these changes are needed and sanctioned by the universe.

I hope you enjoyed our look at Inguz, the Rune of the Day. What’s on your mind after reading this?

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Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic in Romance

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