Mythic Monday: 21 Reasons to Mark Summer Solstice 2016

Earth & Moon by Galileo

By NASA/JPL ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Why Should You Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Summer Solstice?

    • The moon turns full at 7:02 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on June 20, 2016.
    • Summer Solstice occurs at 6:34 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Monday, June 20, 2016.
    • According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, not since 1948 has Summer Solstice paired with a full moon.
    • The word solstice comes from sun and stand. On this day the sun stands still or stops, in that it rises at its northernmost point, while the North Pole tilts directly toward the sun.
    • Regions near the North Pole experience the Midnight Sun or continuous daylight for 24 hours.
    • On Summer Solstice the sun’s zenith is at its farthest from the equator.
    • In other words, the midday sun is at its highest.
    • Your shadow will be the shortest one you have all year.
    • The occasion marks the beginning of summer.
    • It is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.
    • In the Southern Hemisphere it’s Winter Solstice or Polar Night.
    • Ironically, on Summer Solstice the earth is actually at Aphelion or its farthest point from the sun.
    • June’s moon is called a Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, or Flower Moon.
    • The moon will rise as the sun sets and will look low, close, and huge. Selene will be robed in all her golden glory.
Evelyn de Morgan - The Sleeping Earth and Wakening Moon

Evelyn De Morgan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  • In the night sky on June 20, the moon shines near Saturn.
  • Saturn in astrology governs form, the structure of things, life’s lessons, discipline, restrictions, institutions, reality, and long held traditions. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is pretty much the opposite of Saturn, liking formlessness, liberation, inspiration, dreams, illusion, oneness, and universal agape. Neptune is currently in Pisces.
  • We are in a phase where Saturn is square Neptune, indicating friction between the two pathways. The period near Summer Solstice features an exact square.
  • We need a certain amount of both types of energy, but most people tend to have a preference for one over the other.
  • Whichever one of those is more your style, Saturn or Neptune, its opposite has been playing havoc with your status quo and the way you like things.
  • Neptune produces retrograde energy during this period as well, going retrograde starting on June 26 until mid-November. This portends greater clarity or a peeling away of illusion and the attractive images that hide deception. It’s a good time to make positive changes. Truth will stare you in the eyes, so keep those eyes peeled.


Special blessings for all of us to enjoy the beauty of full moon and Summer Solstice.

Cheers & Happy and Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Romance



Vintage Friday: Beach Time! 1960

Photo by Alicia, copyright 2014

Photo by Alicia, copyright 2014

It’s beach time, with summer only a hop and skip away. Do you recall the first time you went to the beach? My first trip was to Daytona Beach as a child, and I loved it. The sea and sky like a giant dome above. The feel of ocean spray. Toes in the sand. Towels held down by a picnic basket. Wind raging with the force it has at the seashore. Family and people in colorful bathing suits, having fun. Frothy waves around my knees. What did you experience during your first trip to the beach?

It’s hard to believe that Brian Hyland was only 16 years old when he recorded this playful song.,

Cheers & Happy Frolicking and Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Romance

Mythic Monday: Apollo God of Light


Apollo by Charles Meynier – public domain via Wikimedia

God of the golden bow

and of the golden lyre,

and of the golden hair,

and of the golden fire.

John Keats

Love, love, love these words. I cannot count how many times I recited this to my son during his childhood. What do you feel when you gaze up Meynier’s painting?

Cheers & Happy Reading!

Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Author on Board: Carmen Stefanescu Book Release

Please welcome my special guest Carmen Stefanescu of Romania. Carmen has an exciting new book release. Love her stunning cover! I have already pre-ordered my copy, as I don’t want to miss out on being one of the first readers. Carmen asks a question a few paragraphs down, and my mysterious, short and sweet answer is, “Yes, I have.” Take it away, Carmen!

Thank you, Flossie, for inviting me to celebrate my latest release on your blog!

As a part of Till Life do Us Part deals with past life regression, I want to share with your  followers several interesting things I found while doing a thorough research for my story on this topic.

Past Life Regression Therapy is considered one of the fastest and most effective ways to help you transform your life experience. It is a pretty simple process : you are suggested to travel back through the years to recall specific memories. Conflicts from the past and the patterns resulting from traumatic experiences can distort our physical, emotional and mental well being. Some indications of unresolved past experiences: Irrational fears, unexplained and recurring physical pains or sensations, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, persistent feelings of panic, anger, guilt, depression, disturbing thoughts, feeling blocked, emotional outbursts, blocked feelings, low self-esteem, self-harm, numbness, repeating relationship problems with family, work or social contacts, repeating patterns of self sabotage, limiting habits.

Past Life Regression Therapy works just the same for anyone, whether they believe in reincarnation or not. It can help to:

– uncover and address the root cause of current issues,
– understand and resolve old karmic patterns,
– heal the pain from past trauma,
– overcome fears and obstacles,
– clear blocks to healing and progress
-rediscover talents and abilities,
– recognize old friends and soul mates,
– diminish the fear of death

Isn’t it awesome? Have you ever tried it? I haven’t but I’d have  liked to give it a try if I’d had this opportunity around here. I hope that reading my novel will offer you an insight into this controversial topic – past life regression.

Carmen Till Life Do us part-001

Till Life Do Us Part

Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Mystery, Suspense, Reincarnation,
Release date: 9th June 2016

Barbara Heyer can hear voices of dead people. They whisper of their deaths, seek comfort for those left behind, and occasionally even warn her about future events. But when Barbara’s brother, Colin, is accused of murder, it will take more than her gift to prove his innocence.
Becoming smitten with the handsome investigator, Detective Patrick Fischer, is a serious complication given his assignment to her brother’s case. Barbara senses there is something far deeper—and perhaps much older—than the surface attraction between them. Could that be why she’s visited by a mysterious woman named Emma in her dreams? Could past life regression tie all the seemingly unconnected events together? Barbara and Patrick must overcome heartache to find the truth to save Colin, and perhaps themselves.

Check out the book video!

Buy Links:      Solstice Publishing          Amazon


Patrick poured the bubbly liquid into the glasses. He offered one to Barbara and raised his.

“To the undercover, paranormal investigator, Barbara.” He smiled and touched his glass to hers, looking straight into her eyes.

“To you, too, Patrick, Detective Fischer. If it hadn’t been for your determination to find out the truth, many families wouldn’t have had the small consolation to see their relatives’ murderers behind bars.” She took a sip of the champagne.

“There’s something else I’d like to tell you, Patrick said. He cleared his throat and took one of her hands in his. “It’s something that I wanted to tell you… to ask you for a while, but it never seemed the right moment.”

She heard the tremor in his voice and was sure what was to come. Yet, she didn’t want to make it easier for him. She saw it in his eyes, felt it in the touch of his hands. He was in love with her as she was with him.

“So, as I was saying… I want to ask you if—”

The telephone rang again, cutting like a steel blade through the thick emotional atmosphere surrounding them.

“Oh, not again.” Barbara rolled her eyes upward and headed to the bloody thing. She picked up the receiver and said in a voice that sounded a bit irritated, “Yes. What? Who? Yes, one moment, please.” She turned to Patrick, “It’s for you. An emergency, it seems.”

Patrick grabbed the phone, “Yes, Fisher here. What? When? I’m on my way,” he said and put down the receiver.

“I’m sorry, Barbara. There’s an emergency, indeed. Bruce has been injured. He’s in the hospital right now.”

“Oh, goodness. Is it bad?”

“I’ve no idea. They didn’t say. I’m going there. Sorry I spoiled the evening.”

“No need for apology, Patrick,” Barbara replied hiding her disappointment. “Duty comes first in your job, I know.”

“I’ll call you. Soon. There was something important I wanted to tell… to ask you. Goodnight, Barbara,” he said and kissed her hand affectionately. He hurried outside.

Barbara stood in the middle of the room. It looked empty and cold without him. She took the bottle of champagne, pushed the cork back into it, then went to the kitchen and put it in the fridge.

Moments later, she returned to the living room. With a reflexive gesture she picked up the packet of cigarettes Patrick had forgotten on the table. She weighed them in her hand for a moment and smiling, opened a drawer of the bookshelf and placed the cigarettes inside. She took her book from the bookshelf and sat on the couch, enveloped by the faint smell of aftershave left behind by Patrick.

Jack stretched, then came to Barbara and curled up in her lap.

“Yes, Jack. It is like that. It’s always been like that. Just you and me.” She sighed and opened the book. She failed to notice a faint light hovering outside the window.

CArmen1Author Bio
Carmen Stefanescu resides in Romania, the native country of the infamous vampire Count Dracula, but where, for about 50 years of communist dictatorship, just speaking about God, faith, reincarnation or paranormal phenomena could have led someone to great trouble – the psychiatric hospital if not to prison.
Teacher of English and German in her native country, and mother of two daughters, Carmen Stefanescu survived the grim years of oppression, by escaping in a parallel world that of the books.
Several of her poems were successfully published in a collection of Contemporary English Poems, Muse Whispers vol.1 and Muse Whispers vol.2 by Midnight Edition Publication, in 2001 and 2002.

Her first novel, Shadows of the Past, was released in 2012 by Wild Child Publishing, USA.

Carmen joined the volunteer staff at Marketing For Romance Writers Author blog and is the coordinator of #Thursday13 posts.

You can stalk the author here:

Enjoy Carmen Stefanescu’s newest book Till Life Do Us Part. Cheers & Happy Reading! Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Romance




Tuesday Tales: Writing Pencil

Tuesday TalesTuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring talented authors who post excerpts from their works in progress based on word and picture prompts. We’re a dedicated bunch that enjoys reading as much as you do. Today we have the word pencil to spark our imaginations. My snippet is from a draft dystopian. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

Being yanked and squeezed through an inter-dimensional door the size of a straw knocked the wind out of me. When I could breathe again, I found myself lying face down on the floor beside my chair.

His Holiness hovered over me, along with the other members of the tribunal. “Give her some room.” Irritation turned his voice shrill.

I rolled over, crossed my feet, and came up in one smooth motion, grinning at him.

Like a wave of ants, the robed assembly glided back away from me. I never wanted to say “boo” so bad in my life. His Holiness, or Donkey Butt as I thought of him in my kinder moments, narrowed his colorless eyes. “Karise, your little episode has disrupted important proceedings.”

“Sorry, I have no control of what happens when the Anemoi take over.”

His flabby lips clamped into pencil stubs and then smacked open. “So you have declared before.” His expression said he’d love to toss me in the sub chamber and be done with me.

“Holiness, surely you do not question the ways of the Amenoi?”

He glanced around at the appalled faces of his cohorts and dipped his head in a token bow. “Not at all. Praise be the Anemoi.”

“Praise be the Anemoi,” chanted the group.

“I merely suggest we return to the matter at hand while the day is still upon us.”

I smiled inside, enjoying any small victory I could get against the old tyrant. “As you wish.” I made for the chair and then half turned as the door clanged open.

“Nein.” Martea scurried inside, carrying a small tankard. She stopped just inside the room. “Pardon, Holiness, but such a journey to the beyond requires a repast. Protocol demands it.”

He said nothing for several beats, and I was fearful Martea was headed for the sub chamber instead of me. After all, how did she know what had happened? Unless she had been eavesdropping, which was forbidden. Finally, he waved her forward, his countenance now shrunken in like a prune. “Very well. We shall reconvene tomorrow.” He eyed me directly. “Early tomorrow, Karise.”

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the dystopian snippet based on pencil. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Romance

Mythic Monday: What Do You Know About Trilogies?

MaskThink trilogies originated with the romance industry or J.R.R. Tolkien? Oh contraire! Aeschylus, the dramatist with the oldest extant plays, created trilogies 2,500 years ago. His Oresteia is the only surviving trilogy, with its three plays —Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, and The Eumenides. The Oresteia tells the story of a Greek hero of the Trojan War and his tumultuous family.

Agamemnon: Victorious after ten years of war, Agamemnon returns home to be murdered by his wife Clytemnestra (Helen of Troy’s sister), who has taken a lover. Clytemnestra was hurt and angry over Agamemnon’s sacrifice of their virgin daughter Iphigenia to the storm god Poseidon, as well as his bringing home a Trojan paramour, the prophetess Cassandra.

The Libation Bearers: Following his murder, the children of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, Electra and Orestes, feel duty bound to avenge their father. Encouraged by Apollo, who supported the Trojans during the war, Orestes kills his mother and her lover. Matricide, however, is a horrendous betrayal of the most basic laws governing kinship. An ancient race of ferocious beings known as the Furies come after Orestes.

The Eumenides: The Furies drive Orestes mad with guilt over killing his mother. He appeals to Apollo for help, and the sun god sends him to see Athena, known for her wisdom and reasonable attitude. She insists upon a trial, and Apollo serves as Orestes’ “lawyer” during the proceedings. After a tie vote Athena acquits Orestes and changes the name of the Furies to the Eumenides, suggesting a new reasonable tone to their ancient bloodthirsty ways.

Called the Father of Tragedy, Aeschylus not only wrote trilogies but also heightened conflict by adding dialogue between characters. Previously, dramatists had written characters speaking to a chorus. Sadly, only seven of Aeschylus’ seventy plays survive. Over the years fragments of additional works have been found on papyri. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if another complete play was discovered?

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Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Romance

Vintage Friday: Robert Kennedy Reads Aeschylus 1968

What a year of loss. On April 4, 1968 Robert Kennedy used these moving words by the Greek dramatist Aeschylus to mark the horrific and untimely of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King. On June 5 of that same year, Robert Kennedy was himself assassinated, and Aeschylus’ words are inscribed on his tomb.

“Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart,
until, in our own despair,
against our will,
comes wisdom
through the awful grace of God.”

Cheers & Happy Reading!
Flossie Benton Rogers, Conjuring the Magic with Paranormal Romance

Tuesday Tales: Writing Sun

Beach scene with sun 5-31-2016

Tuesday Tales is a weekly blog featuring authors who post excerpts from their works in progress based on word and picture prompts. We’re a dedicated bunch that enjoys reading as much as you do. To spark our imaginations, today we could choose from among several beautiful outdoor scenes. I selected a picture of sunrise on the beach. My snippet is from an adventurous paranormal romance currently being reworked. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales.

The pre-dawn air hummed with energy. It rose from the crashing waves and shimmered like a mirage along the empty beach. Having just unlocked the door, Resa slid her bags inside and perched on the top step. Distant thunder rumbled, and a breeze cast a tickle of mist to her face. Were they in for an early morning shower? Her softened gaze followed the stirring waters out to the edge of nowhere. The dark gray hue lightened a shade above the magical seam where sea met sky. How far away that was. She sucked in a deep salty breath, mesmerized by the magic of the moment as the veil of night lifted.

Light trickled into the world, new, as if for the first time, billowing into orange and pink. As the sun bobbed from the sea, the waves brightened into slices of shifting golden glass. She squinted. Far out in the waters a ribbon of gold sparkled atop the surf. A sensation of needles pricked her hands, and she leapt up. Her breath hitched. What the hell? Something otherworldly approached.

The sparkle drew closer, skimming onto the beach and illuminating the sea grass into burning tendrils. It halted at her feet with a final surging loop like that of a bucking bronco. Water droplets doused over her, and Resa thrust out a palm. It seemed to be a blend of light and water.

The sparkle morphed into the shape of a horse with a rider atop. The water horse shimmered an aquamarine color, except the eyes, which were lapis. The rider dismounted, his curving lips spread into a grin.

Resa responded with one of her own. She rushed in for a hug. “Mercury, you big peacock. Do you always have to make such a dramatic entrance?”

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the snippet based on sunrise on the beach. Please visit the other fabulous authors at Tuesday Tales. Tuesday Tales

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Vintage Friday: 13 Odd Facts of 1916


Pancho Villa Riding 1914

Pancho Villa By Bain News Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

How have things changed since 1916? Here’s a snapshot.

Albert Einstein (Nobel)

See page for author [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

• The French and Germans fought in the Battle of Verdun, a major conflict in WWI lasting from February until mid-December. Over 700,000 people lost their lives.
• The six day Easter Rising occurred in Ireland, resulting in nearly 500 deaths and a loss of the bid for independence. Over a dozen of the insurgents were executed, including U.S. citizen Thomas Clarke, and many more imprisoned. Yeats wrote the poem Easter, 1916, about the trouble.
• The Mexican Pancho Villa raided a town in New Mexico and had to be routed out by the U.S. Cavalry and General Pershing, who went on to become instrumental in WWI.
U.S. population – not quite a hundred and two million
• President – Woodrow Wilson, who was instrumental in creating the Federal Reserve System
Price of a postage stamp – 2 cents, and price of a loaf of bread – 7 cents
• Price of a pound of coffee – 15 cents
Average price of a new car – $400
• The Rose Bowl became an annual game.
Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity, which primarily deals with the force of gravity.

• Anarchist and Russian emigrant Emma Goldman was arrested for speaking out in public in favor of birth control. She supported other issues such as atheism and free love. Activist Margaret Sanger was also arrested for supporting birth control, considered an obscenity.

Public Domain via Wikimedia

James Joyce – Public Domain via Wikimedia

Jazz and ragtime music were on the rise.
• Irish writer James Joyce published his first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, with protagonist Stephen Dedalus. 

What do you think? What would you like and dislike about living a hundred years ago?

Cheers & Happy Reading!
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